Network capable logbook?

Does anyone know of a logbook app that can run on a mac laptop and talk to fs2020 on a pc via the local network??

The built-in logbook is totally ■■■■■ for me now, it hasn’t updated in many hours of flights so i give up with it.

I tried simtoolkitpro which did show network ability but after hours of trying and eventually raising tickets with support it turns out it will only work on networks PC to PC not PC to MAC :frowning:

I just want to have a logbook that works reliably and does not need to be hidden behind my fs2020 screen so i cant see it.

Volanta is a great (free) option, just run the app while you are flying, and you can view it anytime from a browser on your MAC, PC, etc…

LittleNavMap keeps a logbook, but is way overkill for what you are looking for.

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You can use Volanta. It does not run on a local network, but I think you can run it on your sim pc in the background and than view it via the web app in your browser.

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Ah so Volanta stores data in the cloud ?

That will work i think, i’ll go have a look, thanks.


It does,

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So it has to be browser on the mac and app on the pc - i see there is an app to download as well which runs on a mac - looks promising as its cloud based.