Neutral slider in joystick sensitivity does the opposite of what it should

In joystick sensitivity settings, the Neutral slider is wrong, is inverted. Moving the slider, modifies the curve right, but the effect in the airplane will be exactly the opposite.
If my joystick roll axis is perfectly centered with neutral setting on 0 (zero) and I change the neutral setting to let’s say -25 (minus 25), the neutral zone moves to the left on the graphic curve, and shows that now the airplane should be banking to the right with the joystick centered, but in the plane you will see that the airplane is banking left, exactly inverted. The curve is right, the result in the control surfaces is wrong, inverted.
It happens at least with the roll and rudder axis.

Same problem experienced since the last update with the Xbox Controller, the behaviour in the Sensitivity screen appears correct, but, in game, as you say, the neutral has been applied in the opposite direction.

As the Xbox Controllers tend to have a small drift that most games seem to automatically handle, this resulted in a roll to the right with the configuration in the sensitivity settings looking like there should be no input applying. This has happened before, for example when the sensitivity screen was totally removed in one update, but, it took quite a bit of trial and error to discover that it could be corrected by simply setting the neutral by the same amount in the opposite direction.

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