Nevada Bush Trip Loaded At Night, Wont Restart At Day

Im scared to go back a leg and see if the last leg is day time, but Leg 16 is starting me at night even when i disconnected mid air. I Crashed the plane and sadly the time wont reset, and it starts me back in the air.

I started leg 16 shortly around 11pm last night, and went to bed around 12 because i couldnt fly VFR anymore, Nevada is too dark.

Flight Conditions are set to night and i cannot change them.
Was the sun supposed to set, and am i racing time to get to Mariposa???

This is pretty disappointing, as im trying to finish this bush trip with the rest of my PTO…

Help me Obiwan, You’re my only hope.

EDIT: Starting in safe mode Did not work the First time, but i crashed the plane and went back to the main menu, Then went back to activities and started the flight again. It started me on the ground and it was day.

Tried going back to Lackerman/Ravendale Leg but it had restarted me back on the ground as if i chose Ravendale/Spaulding Airport Leg. Thankfully im near the two bodies of water mentioned and only have to navigate from there.