Never CTD 1.5 years, but in last month 80% of times

What are your PC specs?

@TheSevenflyer Hello, thanks and let me know if you need further details:

Operating System
Windows 10 Home 64-bit
Intel Core i7 10700KF @ 3.80GHz 32 °C
Comet Lake 14nm Technology
32.0GB Dual-Channel Unknown @ 1333MHz (16-18-18-35)
24G2W1G4 (1920x1080@144Hz)
4095MB NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 (ZOTAC International) 43 °C

If it just started, my first suggestion, Try different Nvidia drivers, search for more info.

Same here, but I’m finding my issue to be with live weather. I switched to a static preset and have been good the last three flights. Sucks because I’d much rather stick with live weather, but finishing my flights is currently winning out.

Removing live traffic helps as well.

So, you probably have noticed these responses, all are good advice.
Your system does seem capable, and you don’t seem to indicate overclocking, which can be a big cause.
I would start with drivers, as mentioned. If you have the latest, you may want to consider rolling back to an earlier version.
If you do have current drivers, before you roll them back, you should try the live weather and live traffic advice.
Try with them off, using a preset weather condition.
Let us know if any of this helps!
I believe Asobo is tackling these issues, but it is hard to say what, or when, results may happen.

There are most likely multiple thing that are changing a users CTD experiences.

The 3 obvious ones being

  1. MSFS Version
  2. Video Driver Version
  3. Addons

1 - little control over - mandatory updates
2 - 100% control over - up to user to decide
3 - easily eliminated as cause – empty Community folder.

Since everyone (almost) is on the same Version of MSFS, and everyone can empty their Community folder, those two can be mostly eliminated as causing a difference between users experiences of CTD

That only leave VIDEO DRIVER (as well as other windows Updates etc )
and of course, hardware issues …

But none of the above really explain why X-Box users are having differing experiences and varied degrees of Crashes …

Thanks to everybody. Forgot to mention that lately I am not using live weather, so the issue is happening with preset. Never used multiplayer and live traffic, everything is off. My version is the DVD one and not Steam. This leave me with Nvidia drivers according to your suggestions above. I have always been told to update everytime… I really hope it’s Asobo’s issue and they will fix soon. If I keep getting CTD I will try to roll back the Nvidia latest driver and let you know. Much appreciated (it seems these updates just create problems, also in summer 2020 the buildings were better!). I let you know

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Follow these steps…

Also worth looking at BIOS drivers, motherboard drivers etc. and making sure they are up to date

Check to see if you loaded the latest Realtek Audio driver. That was my CTD culprit. After 10 days of constant CTDs, I haven’t had one since yesterday after removing latest RealTek Audio Driver.

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Is Hags(Hardware acceleration enabled? as with 3 or 4 drivers before this latest GPU driver I was getting guaranteed crashes using hags. With latest driver its been fine for me but usually gets messed up when sim gets updated again.

Hi All, HAG is on @DORRAGER. Everything is updated. Just to give you an update, had a couple of flights these days and CTD happened about 50% of times.
The problem event name is always, as posted above, the MoAppCrash which I do not know what it means. Live weather off, multiplayer off. The crashes are completely random, yesterday I had a flight with the A320 Calgary - Vancouver, scattered clouds, no issue at all. Today with Daher TBM, just crashed while taxing. If I really have to find a common point of the crashes, I’d say that most of them happen at departure airport, and almost always while I switch external camera left-right, it is crashing when I press the bottoms for left-right external camera, which I have on my airbus sidestick. Really the game became unplayable, no CTD at all before latest update! Really hope it will be fixed, if you have other advice/ideas all welcomed

Yeah have you tried it with Hags turned off? this is a common cause of CTD.

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I’ve seen the second one (with code 0000000001b250aa) appear here. MSFS had no focus at the time, I was configuring a flight plan in LittleNavmap while it just quit. I was on an airport, on the ground after landing with handbreak on and throttle off.

I get a CTD once per month or so. I’m on an i7 laptop with MX330 graphics. As far as I know there are no hardware errors. I don’t use any peripherals, frames are clipped at 20FpS… Addins include Shift-Z (installed last week) and a few aicraft and scenery, nothing near at the time of the crash.

I have tried everything, all possible combinations. Just updated the SIM, first flight, crash to desktop same error, while moving the external camera.

and this works ? … I mean it is a MX card (mobile), optimized for low power consumption. These cards are slighty better than the intel-in-chip-gpu, but for gaming and more for a very demanding flight-sim ?

I not checked in deepth the specs of these cards, but I would not wonder about possible issues with that.

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It works, I get 14-24Fps and no CTD’s or any other issues. It is slow and I fly Medium, but I’m really enjoying MSFS. When they work out DX-12 further and remove DX-11, I’ll need a new laptop, though !

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wow… really intressting… these MX cards are realy not fast and that they can manage MSFS in Medium in around 20fps is not bad. I think these models support also DX12 FL 12_1, so may be it will work in future too … but be carefully with the heat :slight_smile:

I’ve got a vsync on 20, set in MSFS and in the driver. It sais 64-66 degrees, advantage of energy-efficient chip and a metal housing.

It’s i7 and 2TB SSD, it’s a great laptop for games, I also did a lot of Asphalt racing on it :blush: runs smooth about 45FpS, no issues. But indeed… MSFS hits the ceiling !