Never used VR and have a question

Hello all.

As above, I have never used or even tried this VR thing. I am considering buying Oculus Quest 2 (purse won’t stretch any further). I have seen the youtube videos of people using those stick things with rings on as ‘joysticks’ and I now wonder, will my (not so cheap!) Thrustmaster Airbus Officer Pack be made redundant by having to use those VR joysticks? Even if there was / is a way to continue to use them, does one have to sort of put down those VR joysticks and look for the Airbus ones by touch alone? Or quickley remove the goggles to use them - if they even continue to work with the VR connected? I am starting to think that I will have to make a choice - stick with the Officer Pack or ‘bin’ it and move to VR? Any thoughts or suggestions will be very helpful in making the choice please. Many thanks in advance.

i use a reverb g2 and the Logitech Pro Flight Yoke System. I do not use the VR controllers for now. It is simply not supported yet by the flightsim. When it is available (like in Xplane), u can use the Vr controllers for turning the knobs and switch on the lights etc. I will still use the Logitech Pro Flight Yoke System to fly the plane. Hope it helps! The emersion of VR is fantastic! I just cant go back to 2D anymore…


I too use a reverb g2, the clarity is amazing and so much easier to turn one’s head to Change views. I also use a yoke and throttle system, the vr controllers still have some issues and hasn’t supported yet in msfs 2020. The only problem is you need to have good positioning of the throttles because you won’t be able to see them when in vr. I used to spend a few panicked seconds groping around in thin air dying to find them once if taken my hands of them to use the yoke lol. You soon get used to it and like the previous reply; yes the immersion is amazing and I too couldn’t go back to 2d. You should read the vr section off the forum a bit more though. VR gamers are having problems with the performance of the flight sim.


A little off topic, but do you know how the reverb G2 works for people that wear glasses? I’ve been contemplating getting a G2 but i’m reluctant because I wear glasses, and I hate it when the glasses get in the way, or you start steaming up the glasses while using them. I’m basing this on my use of the Playstation VR headset I used previously.

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VR Optician Virtual Reality headset prescription lens inserts:


Comments on both - VR works just fine with controllers. In fact, best if you can avoid touching the keyboard at all. I use Reverb G2 with ancient Logitech joystick, pedals, and a pair of dodgy Saitek throttle quadrants. That covers the primary controls that you want hands on. Pretty much everything else I use the mouse pointer in the VR cockpit. I have put away my VR controllers somewhere and wouldn’t consider using them at all in flight sim - way too cumbersome (Come the day we get fully supported hepatic gloves, I might reconsider…)

On glasses - I use glasses with my G2 and it’s not a problem. I did dig out an old pair with a pretty lightweight frame which helps a bit. One thing though - remember with VR you’re looking at a ‘virtual screen’ that’s about 2m/6ft away - even when you think you’re looking at something close. It’s much easier on the eyes than I thought, but varifocals are no help and don’t work very well with VR.

Since getting my G2, can’t bear to fly without it (the immersion is just that good) … even though you have to compromise on the quality of those beautiful graphics quite a bit

Interesting. I do love the graphics side of things though. I’m not sure how i’ll like the experience if the graphics will be taking a hit… I might still do it when I can afford it though. Thanks.

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I use glasses with my reverb G2, no problem at all.

Depends on your CPU and GPU. Big performance increase coming end of July in a big update.

Motherboard: Asus Rog Hero x11 wifi Z490
55" curved oled Tv.
CPU: Intel i9-10900K @5.3mhz per core.
GPU: Gigabyte GeForce RTX 3090 turbo
CPU-Cooler: Liquid cooled 240mm
PSU: Kolink 1200watt Platinum
RAM: Corsair Vengeance 32GB (2x16GB) DDR4/3600mhz
M.2 NVME SSD: 1TB Samsung 970 EVO Plus
M.2 NVME SSD: 1TB Samsung 970 EVO Plus
SSD: NVME Samsung 970 EVO 500GB
5.1 logitech sound system Soundblaster Z.
Next level V3 Motion platform on GT Ultimate rig.
2 Buttkickers on race rig with 300watt earthquake amp.
Sim Racing studio wind and tactile generators.
Saitek Quadrant.
Saitek Multi panel.
Honeycomb Alpha Yoke.
Honeycomb Bravo Throttle controller.
Saitek fuel controller and deicer levers.
Thrustmaster TPR Rudder.
VR. HP Reverb G2

With VR and the newer cards, graphics in VR don’t take as much of a hit as they used to. In the beginning of VR the CPU and GPU had to get head position and pose and then render two scenes - the right and left eye views. That changed with the 1000 series IIRC. Nvidia introduced commands that let the CPU draw a single scene and then the card would grab the two eye views from that which really cut the load on the CPU. There’s still apparently a lot of load with high res images for high res headsets, but it’s running in fast hardware designed to deal with it. More to it, but things are better for VR than they used to be. I’d guess - only a guess - that VR has more and better support each series after the 1000 as well.

One thing I can tell you is compared to my 1920x1080 monitor, my G2 has even better detail. Whenever I can get that 200% render scale to kick in (for me, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t), the G2 is much nicer.

Just get the Quest 2, You will still need the Thrust master (the VR “ring things” are not used while flying) I just use the mouse and a generic PS4 controller.
It is clear enough for me, VR is wonderful!
I recently forked out for my first PAYWARE plane- the PMDG DC 6 an extraordinary experience in VR!

Wow… Are you saying the graphic quality in FS2020 on your 1920x1080 monitor isn’t as good as what you see in the G2? I’ve tried FS2020 in 1080P and it wasn’t brilliant, but certainly not horrible. If that’s what I would see, or better in the G2, then i’m sold.

The G2 has 2kx2k panels (2160x2160) while my monitor is 1920x1080. VR in general tends to magnify at the image center to compensate for the optics but the optics in the G2 are the best I’ve seen yet in VR.

It’s very close. I don’t feel like I miss anything in VR and it does feel like I see better. It’s hard to quantify but yep, I really think I see better in VR now than on my, admittedly, low resolution monitor. The G2 has been the first headset where I’ve felt that was the case.

Something else that really helped with comfort was this kit from Studioform Creative: — just with comfort, though. Until I got that kit the fit and weight distribution of the headset was terrible and made it hard to see worth a darn for me.

Bookmarked… Thanks heaps. Now I just need to save up for the headset… It’s over a $1000 here in Australia :frowning:

You do need a good video card to drive it. I’ve seen some say they are doing ok with 10 seeies cards. I definitely wouldn’t go less. 20 series better.

I have an RTX 3080 with a I9 10900K CPU so hopefully it should be fine :wink:

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VR works fine with regular flight controls. Hands on throttle and stick is just fine, I can’t even imagine using VR controllers for flight simulation, they aren’t attached to anything! No resistance from joystick? Count me out!

I tend to use it for simpler aircraft types in VFR type flying, especially WW2 warbird dogfights in IL-2 which is where VR really shines.
And it really, really shines for this. The added situational awareness in combat or performing aerobatics that you can get with a VR headset is unbeatable and when the aircraft only needs the simple controls you have in yours hands already it all becomes a lot easier.
I’m looking forward to taking the DC-Designs Stearman up in VR on msfs2020 this weekend and fast low level through mountains in the MB-339 is always a blast.

For airliners and some other types of flight I actually prefer to fly with flat monitors but this is mostly because I have several other monitors displaying 3rd party navigation apps like LittleNavmap which I wouldn’t be able to reference if I were in VR.

currently flying in the CJ4 at 40k feet, all I can say WOW! using the Reverb G2 nothing comes as close as this to the real thing, nothing!

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I only run in VR on a Quest 2. Little nav map can be used in VR, in a separate map window and recently, Navigraph can also be windowed in VR, complete with all Jepersen charts and moving map representation of your plane. I also use an App that lets you view PDF files in a window so 3rd party POHs can be read whilst sitting in the cockpit. There are many options like this. VR is the only way IMHO.

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I have prescription inserts, just search for vr prescription lenses. You’ll need your full prescription details to order the inserts. The ones I have fit over the existing lenses and do the job just fine.