New activity :Ambient tour (relaxation mode)

In this mode you’d be bathed in some of the most famous regional tunes ,perhaps there could be bonus rewards for being able to do an air show in synch while the tunes are played, some stunt bonus rewards or so as a nice little extra.Otherwise just a new exploration mode with some extra magic,to add to the experience
Could as well be ambient sounds for night/day cycle or seasons as well in this mode.
Inspired by Ambient tour

If country specific ,a few examples:

Hawaii-Sweet Leilani


Italy-Funiculì Funiculà

Scotland-Highland Cathedral

Australia -Waltzing Matilda

Maybe in this mode the weather effects could be utilized to put on a show or magnify the magic of the moment.Feel free to make more suggestions
The weather could have like a relaxation role too ,like the visual effects you sometimes have in an audio player,but the weather could be a bit like visual effects on the region in harmony with sound the weather & maybe even season to create a certain mood. Still realistic weather.But more goal oriented weather to create a certain mood: all what the game systems have to offer serving more of an instrumental role to create a super relaxing scene…for example with Austria Edelweiss ,a ray of sun shining through the cloud on a valley below where the edelweiss flowers grow.

At the same time bringing a bit of the magic &or cultural impressions to life,giving each region a nice touch & accent. Pretty much like how Use Azure to give ATC regional accents - #12 by N316TS would add a nice detail ,diffenrtiating each zone,but here adding a bit of immersive magic in a different way to each zone in this special Ambient tour mode.That would make players discover each zone in a different way than in the other modes.