New Addon - Sofly Weather Presets

What do you guys think ?

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Cant i setup these conditions with all those little sliders in weather settings myself?


You can. This is for those who want more presets without needing to handle all the sliders themselves, I guess.

I think the TBM is suffering the autopilot bug in that video xD
Also, happy that people start doing things in this sim, for good or for bad.
About the product, I dont know lol

Looks great, is it for download somewhere ??

Not yet released.

Yes these are custom preset that you can do yourself and save them inside MSFS, there is no tech on this. I already have 40 already saved, I don’t need, because it’s the same, I can add 200 more if I want.

I agree, we already have too many addons, free and for sale in the middle of our FS discussions

Next payware addon we will see should be one with 24 presets for the different 24 hours of the day. I can’t believe my eyes.


looks like a money grab for something you can do for free… and I have spent a lot of money in addons over the last decade.


my intial thought as well.

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Wait what this is going to be payware ?? Thought it was a freeware product since everyone can make weather presets. A lot of others already shared presets as downloads so I dont understand why this would be made payware at all

Could you please share a link with some weather presets?

I use these. They will definitely impact your flight so make sure you’re setup properly.

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@sttovo Hey thanks for the the link! Those are very good!

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I think there are some in here, i bumped in to a few on my way through the pages.

Thank you so much