New Airport Release: North Fox Island Airport (6Y3)

Welcome to North Fox Island Airport located in North Fox Island, Michigan. This airport/bush strip is really ugly looking in the base game, so I thought I’d bring it to life. I mean who doesn’t love some bush flying?

The entire airport was built from reference images and all built in-sim, not using ADE. The general aesthetic look is exactly the same from the parked planes to the cones located on the bush strip telling pilots where the edges are.

Enjoy :slight_smile: - North Fox Island Airport (6Y3) » Microsoft Flight Simulator

In the meantime, check out my other airports that I created here.


I’m from the area and find this a wonderful addition to my places to fly to. Thanks! :grinning:

Thank you, yeah so far it’s in my top 5 Bush Strips. Love this little area.