New AMD Driver 22.7.1

It took me 2 times to install, first time I was getting CTDs. Did another clean install and all seems ok. Flew a flight into NY. It seems like I got a 4-5 fps increase but this is preliminary. I’m checking out a VR fight next.

R7 3700
Reverb G2
Win 11

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I saw that we have news in this new drive. but like everyone from the version 2(WHQL) of the driver it consolidates the experiences better. Let’s test it.

R5 5600X @4.1
RX 5700XT
32G DDR 3000

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see here the known issues

Known Issues

*** Virtual Reality headsets may flicker with some AMD Graphics Products such as the Radeon™ RX 6800 XT Graphics.**

Any known issues with rx 6900 xt?
Waiting for feedback before downloading.

No issues on my 6800XT and with slightly better performance

Same here 6800xt no issues - Quest+Link. Did a 20 min test flight and agree on the slightly better performance.