New Billings MT scenery and airport issues

Can anyone confirm that the scenery south of KBIL is now completely messed up, post 1.12.13 update?

Much of the city south of the airport is lofted up to the height of the airport. This is incorrect. The KBIL airport is on top of the “rimrocks,” a bluff like feature, and the city is down below. They’re not at the same elevation. There used to be a large hump where Route 3 transitions from downtown to the airport, and I suspect this was Asobo trying to fix that. This is MUCH worse.

Also, all of the terminal gates are still corrupted. All gates are visually indicated correctly, but equipment and marshalling instructions are at a 30 degree angle, so it’s impossible to use.

Sent Zendesk report.

Be pretty hard to play football at that field

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Indeed it would! When I attended, half the campus was not a ski slope! haha

I’m trying to fix it in the dev editor with terraforming polygons, but it’s not going well. There’s something with the airport itself that is causing the terrain to want to behave oddly.

We’ll have to hope Asobo fixes it, I guess.

Hi @MTpiperpilot,
Did you notice this after the elevation update for USA?

No, it was ok after the USA update (aside from the large hill/hump where route 3 goes from the city up to the rims and the airport).

After the last 1.12.13 update is when the entire area south of the airport got lofted upward.

Also might be something of interest - the Montana State University parking lots south of the airport are being seen by the sim as part of the airport taxiways (if you look on the moving map G-1000 screen, you’ll see the dark pavement areas to south ). Perhaps that’s why theres this conflict of elevation going on.

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I’ll take a look at that this evening. I may also have some previous photos/videos as well.

Hi @MTpiperpilot,
I did circuit around KBIL and get what you saw. The “slope” is there for the campus and residential areas.

If you have not done so, file a zendesk on that. I will too.

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Thats funny I flew through KBIL yesterday and recalled flying through in the summer and remembered it from all the screwed up high mapping (the river that runs up the side and back down again!). Anyway it seems we have issues everywhere with scenery right now, I have also noticed a major downgrade related to building fidelity

Interesting is that they do have KBIL right on that plateau. I live near KGPI.

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In real life or the sim? :slight_smile:

Seeing as I haven’t been more than 2 miles from my house since March… in sim. I had actually forgotten I had flown into there until the approach and the whole plateau thing, interesting airport and the offset runways are a little odd around the terminal area I would guess the 28L/10R one isn’t used much in rl

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The 28L/10R is used more than you’d think. A lot of GA use at times. The big runway requires lots of taxiing for small planes. It is kinda odd flying right past the tower on short final for 28L, however. The rimrocks (plateau) usually create burbles of air in the summer heat that can create some…‘interesting’ base to final turns there for those not anticipating it.


Sounds a little like Dublin Airport the first time I flew into there is rl it was a little disconcerting you fly past the airport’s terminal and keep going… and going. then followed the roughest landing I have ever experienced, but anyway thats another story!!!

Shame this still has not been fixed :disappointed_relieved:

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One of my favorite spots!

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Still the same at release
But I don’t think they are working on this side of the world.

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Any word from the team on this? I know they’re not working on the USA at the moment, but since this area was ok before the USA update, wouldnt this be considered a bug that should be fixed?

Still hopeful they’ll take a look…

Haven’t heard anything but I’m sure this would need hand corrected as it looks like an elevation problem in addition to the way the AI does waterways (what looks like a river in MSFS is actually a small canal).

Bing Map of the same area (parking lot & canal in both images):

Unfortunately, this is still an issue…a year and a half later.

I’m sure there are lots of airports out there with this kind of problem, but it’s disappointing nonetheless.