New Chilton

Has anyone tried this yet? Any feedback? simMarket: A1R CHILTON DW-1A MSFS

Thanks, LouP

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Theis developer’s Ryan ST-A was pretty well received I think, although I don’t know how well it’s coped with sim updates.

The Ryan ST-A is still really fun and i defs would recommend it. It could use an update though (nothing’s seriously wrong with it, but just to catch up with everything that’s changed in the sim, like CFD, prop physics, ect.)

Honestly, i don’t really have any worries with this one, so far i’ve really enjoyed their work. I’m defs gonna pick this one up, it just depends when, since a bunch of planes just released at once, so i need to figure out what order to get things :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree wholeheartedly. Really enjoyed the Ryan and will probably pick this one up, but I’m also a bit behind the current release schedule. Buying too many planes at once usually results in some remaining in the hangar. It’s on my list now along with the Taifun.

I can highly recommend the Chilton, I just did 3 flights with it. Visually it’s one of the best planes in the sim, the sounds are great and it is a blast to fly. Unlike the Ryan it is easy to takeoff and has no excessive swing to the side.

I just finished editing a video with it, that will hopefully be up in the next 2-3 hours.


Here is a flight with the Chilton. It’s great for low level fun and aerobatics. It’s easy to fly, but I think it will take practice to fly it well (keeping the ball in the center). Great to see A1R is back, I was worried they wouldn’t release new aircraft.


Thanks for the information and video. She looks like a fun flyer. I’m off to pick one up for myself. Kind of reminds me of their CP Racer they did for P3D and I flew that a lot.


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Picked this one up right away. Despite the quiet nature of the developer A1R, they really make good stuff. I fell in love with their Piel Emeraude for P3D which will hopefully be making its way to MSFS eventually. So far, I’ve enjoyed it. It doesn’t exactly have a ton of “wow factor” as an aircraft, but per the norm for A1R, it looks beautiful and flies well.

i grabbed this one. i also own the ryan.

personally, i like the chilton better. i find the sounds a little better and it’s easier to control on takeoff. they’re both great little planes but the chilton is going to get more stick time

Very nice little plane, inside and out, engine sound and flight model are good too. Only thing, It seems the radio is not working. When switching to “on” position with battery on the screen goes dark. While when on “off” position even whith battery off the screen is bright, like powered. Has any body else the same issue?

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yes. radio lights up but no digits appear for me as well

Oh almost missed this one! It’s right up my alley as well, a rare 1930s British light sports plane, what’s not to love? I’m quite a fan of A1R’s Ryan STA as well so had to get this. Bought from Just Flight and took her up for a quick 50 min flight and really enjoyed it. Looks and sounds great and flies quite nicely. I also noticed the broken radio as mentioned above but hopefully that can be fixed soon.

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The fuel gauge also doesn’t seem to work properly, always shows full for me. Not very noticable though as the gauge is pretty tiny out in a hard to see place!

EDIT: 20 min later I checked my fuel gauge again and its showing the right ammount now. I started out with 50% fuel and the guage was showing it as 100% so at some point I guess it kicked in :thinking:

I tried out some stalls and this thing can fly pretty slow, it’s almost like a bush plane. Wiki says the landing speed is 35mph which is about 30 knots and my (gentle) stalls were happening a bit below that speed I think but it’s hard to tell as the speedo only goes down to 40mph. Power on stalls seem kinda odd to me. It took quite a while for a stall to develop and when it did I kept the stick fully back and the plane kinda yo-yo’d up and down for a while, even seemed to gain some speed when bouncing back up and I almost went into a loop. So maybe a few things need touching up on this bird but I’m still enjoying it.

Pretty decent view out of the cockpit as well


I found out that the radio is working when starting with ctrl+e. Then the switch on/off works as well. Did not test the frequencies memory though. When starting the engine manually and then pressing ctrl+e the radio comes up too. Little bug not really annoying but would be nice to see fixed.

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It got updated. Got an email from Just Flight saying it was updated to 1.0.2. The changelog only mentioned two things, namely ‘Code optimization’ and ‘Fixed compatibility issue’ so not entirely sure what they’ve done BUT the radio does seem to be working now.

Store function works but it’s kinda odd. Make sure you’re on the A position, dial in a frequency then change to one of the numbered positions. The default 118.00 frequency will show but hit the Store button then rotate the dial away and back again and the stored frequency should show up. It seems to save the state of the stored frequencies as well.


Nice to see the fixes, thanks for the update.