New controller

My Thrustmaster T1600 joystick has developed a problem with the twist / rudder control in which random inputs will be registered causing the aircraft to veer off often to the right!

Apparently it is a common problem with this model of joystick. It can be fixed by replacing the sensor but my enthusiasm for this is minimal.

Therefore I looking around for a new controller to use with Flight Sim and also Elite Dangerous. Honestly I’m not interested in a yoke/pedal set as that has no application in Elite.

My previous joystick ( Microsoft Sidewinder) lasted fifteen years whereas the T1600 is only eighteen month old with around 600hrs on it. Pretty dissapointed it has begun to fail but there you go.

I have a budget of £250 (max) but anything left over from this will go on other PC related goodies!

Any suggestions for a new controller?

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Sorry to hear about your controller.

I am currently using Saitek X52 which im pretty happy with, I have it over 3 years and works perfectly fine!

I can’t compare it others as I only have used this joystick before but it is pretty decent.
most importantly, it’s within your price range!

If you want a z axis (rotate for yaw movement), then the best I could find was a Virpil. I bought the VPC constellation alpha with a warbrd base unit. I really love it. It came in at £317.56 with £74 delivary + VAT costs. The stick wasn’t working at first. I think I had outdated software. Their support was exceptionally good. I know this is a £100 more than you want, but treat it as an investment to save you having to sort out cheaper ones.

I tried the Thrustmast warthog. It did not feel anywhere near as good and also did not have the Z axis control.

The only other alternative I could find were the Logitech under the Saitek brand. The reviews I saw on this came in at 50/50 with people ardently in both camps as both a fine stick and also prone to breaking early.

Given my own experience with the VKBsim Gladiator II I would offer that as a recommendation.

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With Virpil you need separate throttle, which is extra expense.

my own little test:

I stick with the VKB Gladiator

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Thanks everyone.

Plenty of options to look at.

That is because you are paying for much better quality and customisation than you get with a €100 stick. The VKB version of the stick I bought is a lot more expensive again with the Virpil option I posted by about €100. The gun fighter is a nice stick though. I would have bought one of those. The problem was availability or rather lack of.

very satisfied with and is certainly not expensive