NEW (?) Flight Assistant Settings

Okay! I update to the latest and greatest version, and then go and (try to) fly. Go to set take-off trim, and for some reason, it keeps resetting itself to the neutral position. Turn the trim wheel, needle goes down, then automatically goes right back up. After checking everything else, someone suggests it’s an AI thing, and I go and open the Flight Assistant on the handlebar menu.

Everything is set to AI - auto-trim, anti-stall, yada, yada, yada. Even the speed setting are listed. I promptly un-check all of the items, and the trim now works. Few hours later, I decide to make another flight, in another aircraft. GO right to the Assistant, and sure enough, all items are once again checked off.

What goes here? Why are these items being automatically checked off? I have all of my settings on “Hard,” so why is FS doing this stuff? Why do I have to un-check all of ths every time I want to fly? I don’t need no stinkin’ AI assistant cramping my style.

The pilot settings in-flight will always default to the settings in your assistant options/piloting settings in the main menu.

Wish you were right, but I have my settings set at Hard for all flying tasks. No AI at all…no AI pilot, no AI rudder, no AI trims, no AI anti-stall, no taxi or landing ribbons…nothing.

Yet, when I load an aircraft, any aircraft, and pull down the handlebar menu for Flight Assistant, all of the selections are checked off. I un-check them, go fly, end the flight and come back to a new A/C, and they’re all checked off again.

Hmmm…very odd. Just as a test I set the Piloting option to Hard (as you did), chose the 172 G1000 plane and while sitting on the runway, all Flight Assistant settings were turned off. I then went back to Main Menu and set the 3 AI settings in the Piloting section to ON. Back on the runway with the same plane and only those settings were turned on.

Back to Main Menu, switched to the DA62, back to the runway and the Flight Assist setting had not changed. As a final test, jumped back to Main Menu, set Piloting section to Hard again, back to the runway (still with the DA62) and all the Flight Assistant settings were turned off.

It is just amazing to me that even the most mundane things in MSFS (like difficulty settings in options) can be different between machines. Perhaps it is an issue with PC vs XBOX versions (I’m running on a PC).

Hope you can find a way to make it work. Having to constantly reset settings (like drone speed) is a real pain.


I finally found the settings…MS seems to keep changing the game, but I found the AI settings and turned them all off.

Now when the next iteration of FS comes out, Asobo will find something else to screw up!! :upside_down_face: