New Forum Upload Size Limit Making Posting Screenshots from Xbox via iOS Extremely Difficult

Anyone who used Paint should install

Isn’t MSFS a Microsoft product? Why are you using IOS?

What does that have to do with anything?

How does my choice of Internet browsing device have any bearing on whether or not the forum software will allow me to upload images of a certain size?

Seems obvious to me.

Do a screen capture on a PC and the screen capture is on the PC, so you’d upload it from there.

Or alternatively, you’d have to transfer it to your iThing, so you may as well compress it on the PC first.

He’s on an Xbox.

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OK, for PC, read Xbox.

Uploads are client side (browser), not forum. It’s the browser that resizes prior to uploading.

I have zero issues uploading a screenshot from my PC.

The issue, and whole point of this thread, is to upload a screenshot from my Xbox. I have an iPad at my sim workstation that I use for charts, and FCCFAA sectionals. There is no space for my PC to sit there and the iPad was a very easy and convenient way for me to upload screenshots prior to this unforeseen change to the forum software.

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I always add images by opening them in the default program, ctrl+c and ctrl+v on the forum. For me, this is the fastest way

Yup, screenshots can usually be posted directly to your forum post, this could be different if you use bespoke clipboard software with unsupported image formats or too large resolutions e.g. 8k (I’ve never tried this)

With this board’s software, you have several options.

  • There’s an Upload button at the top of the editor window that will let you choose a file. (Never used this.)
  • You can drag/drop an image file directly into the editor. (This method puts the image wherever your cursor is at the moment. I use this all the time.)
  • If you use a third party hosting service like Flickr, you can use the image URL with old-school BBCode [img] tags.
  • Paste directly from the system clipboard. This also puts the image where your cursor is. I use this for quick screenies to answer questions about things like menu options.

HTML tags for the image URL may work, but I’ve never tried them. Allowing HTML in forum posts can sometimes be used as an exploit, so the admins may not allow it.

One more note about direct pasting… If you need to make an annotation such as an arrow pointing to something, you still don’t have to create an image file for that. Just hit PrtScn to copy the screen to the clipboard, open Paint and paste it there. Make the edits, then Ctrl+A to select the entire image, Ctrl+C to copy it, then back here to paste it into your reply. Close Paint, don’t save, done.

All these really helpful suggestions for PC users are helpful… for PC users.

The issue arose and, continues to be an issue, because I am using an Xbox. There is no easy way to upload a screenshot from an Xbox to the forum. All the PC-friendly suggestions are not all that useful.

If one has a PC, one can upload an Xbox screenshot to the forum after first uploading the Xbox screenshot from the Xbox to OneDrive. This issue, as described by this thread, is when one is not using a PC and wants to use, say, an iOS device to upload the screenshot from OneDrive to the forum. This is when this size limit hits a snag. Oddly, the same sized Xbox screenshot will successfully upload from a PC, but the same sized screenshot will no longer (it used to) successfully upload from an iOS device.

Please, I appreciate all the PC-based suggestions and help, but it isn’t helping to solve the actual issue – uploading an Xbox screenshot from OneDrive via an iOS device.


If this is the case, I suspect that it’s on Apple’s end. As has been stated, the forum limit is higher than this, and browsers can resize/compress uploads. If no changes have been made to the forum, but you’re seeing a change when using an Apple product, then the only possible solution is that the Apple product has changed.

Earlier in the thread it was stated the forum software changed.

Correct. Discourse changed how uploads are done. This is all done via browser now. Apple is the one that needs to comply with all device versions and types.

Full 4k Xbox series X screenshot

“Uploaded from my Android Phone” :grin:

Edit: the quality is clearly worse after the upload

And you uploaded it how?

I replied before you edited your post to include your Android comment.

I won’t hold my breath for Apple to fix this.

The file size was cut by ~75% (depending on recompression) by reducing from 4K to 1080.

That isn’t surprising. The larger an image is the more it costs to store and distribute (egress fees are a pain). Add to that not everyone has good internet speed, especially on their mobile phones.

Thus we devs tend to try and reduce the size of images to a more reasonable size. There are some cool ways of doing this, for example, I wrote a project when I was still studying that made multiple scaled copies of uploaded images. Our client’s devices measure the width of their own screen, and when requesting an image they would report their width to the server which would return the appropriate scaled-down image. All in the cost of cot saving :slight_smile: