New GNS430 & GNS530 DIY

I made the jump to a full cockpit with very little VR time. Ordered 3 32” screens and started the build of the 430/530 setup with screens. Just can’t stop building I guess! :grin:. These are an Allan Glenn design with a few modifications.


More progress on both. First time powering up the 430. Waiting on some 90 degree adapters. Both unit w

ill be fully enclosed with just an HDMI and micro USB connector.


Looks very cool. I’m staying in VR for my setup lol, easier not having to deal with looks (I’m a neat freak when it comes to making it look like the real thing)

I fly VR a lot for sightseeing trips but, instrument flights and avionics practice is so much easier with a full cockpit.

Almost there. 430 and 140 done. Waiting on parts for the 530 and 76c.


Your skill is growing. Very nice. Have you considered a Snapmaker? Now with the newest model out the last model is hitting Ebay as many people are upgrading.

:thinking:. I have been considering something like this. I’m doing a complete redesign of my own for the G1000 suite. Building is addictive for sure.

@LTMcComb nice work on the builds. What display did you use for the GNS430?

Not an exact match but close enough. I modified the 3D print just a touch to fit it. I also cut off the tabs.
From Amazon

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I’ve decided to do a replica of the Asobo 172 Classic. The 530 and 430 are mostly completed. The dials and switches don’t exactly match the IRL Garmin units. But it’s a fun project learning to replicate what’s in-game. The dial alone took 4 hours, but they look to be a match. The models had to be scaled up a little. But the game can scaled in VR, so everything should align perfectly. In case you’re wondering; the scale is 1.10705. Here’s a pic of the in-game dials and the ones I did.
This should get me through the winter…



Nice design work. You going to use the WBSIM mod. I like it a lot. Just wish it used the WT 530/430 instead of the PMS one.

I don’t know. I won’t want anything that is going to alter the models or textures. If it’s functional changes then I will probably use one of those mods. The issue is that I have to be able to access the model files. I was going to do a Carenado plane, but their models are hidden.

I don’t believe there is any change to he physical model. Just operational and performance changes. I found out it’s easy to foul the plugs if you forget to lean out during taxi. :slightly_frowning_face::rofl:

Looks really cool! Are the screens HDMI screens where you place pop out panels from the sim?

Yes. I use pop out manager

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Do the volume knobs on the 530/430 do anything?

Yes. With the PMS50 mod in the WBSim study level 172 they power the units on/off and control volume. Not sure of the WT one. I’m out of town but can check tomorrow.

The power/volume on he WT units do not control power only volume.