New GPUs - Backward Compatibility With Existing Hardware?

I know there hasn’t been much definitive info on the upcoming AMD 7000 and Nvidia 4000 GPUs but can anyone make an educated guess or better if these cards will work in our existing hardware?

If so, I know the cards won’t run at peak performance but for some of us retired folks we can at least enjoy an incremental upgrade as we save for the rest…mb, ram and cpu. :grinning:

I’d say they’ll be fine with motherboards from the last few years that take 2x00 and 3x00 cards. The biggest issue some will have to deal with is whether their existing PSU is up to snuff to power the 4x00 cards.

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And maybe you need a new case.
The new GPUs from Nvidia looked like 4 slot cards, I guess other manufacturers could show 5 slot cards very soon. So when you are stuck with a SFF (small form factor like ITX) case at the moment you would need to plan to invest in a new case aswell.

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