New issue with mouse

Started today when I load into MSFS I can see the mouse pointer and move it around …when I do it highlights boxes and all but won’t register clicks so I cant use the mouse in the menus or anywhere for that matter … anyone else ? Mouse works fine in all other aspects on the PC… frustrating as it worked fine yesterday…

Hi, is this just happening while in VR?
You need to simply make sure MSFS isn’t in windowed mode (press Alt+Enter) that way you can’t accidentally click outside the window/flight sim


I had the same problem with my mouse after a driver upgrade.

This fixed mine. (My FS2020 is from Microsoft Store.)
This will download 1.06 GB only. Took mine 15 minutes.

Close FS2020.
Go to Desktop. Right click “Start”.
Go to “Settings, Apps”.
Uninstall FS2020.
Go to Microsoft Store.
Click the 3 dots (upper right screen). Click “My Library”.
Click “Install” on Microsoft Simulator Deluxe. (your version)
Select D:\ Drive to install it on. (your drive FS2020 is on)
FS2020 installed with 1.06 GB download.
Immediately opens FS2020.

Mouse works perfectly.

yes only in MSFS I’ll check these suggestions out …my copy is from steam

The game isn’t in windowed mode … I got it working some how for awhile by restarting several times but lost it again. Even when i switch it to 2d and I can see the full screen on the desktop the clicks don’t register in the game…the pointer highlights but wont click …works fine in all other games …real head scratcher …

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