New KAP140 Autopilot MOD - fixes problems when using external controls or keyboard

Interesting development I need to check into a bit. Downloaded the v0.105 update, removed the old install, put the new one in, etc.

The only thing that has changed in my setup is that now I’m using SPAD.neXt as I got some of the little Logitech FIP LCD panels, and to nobody’s surprise, the default Logitech software is poo. I think though that the profile I applied to my setup kinda “took over” what MSFS was sending to the KAP-140 from my Logitech Radio Panel. Hoping to look into that tonight after work.

New release with improvements - Releases · FS2020-USER-TESTER/KAP140-MOD-PACKAGE (


Just want to express my appreciation!
Using your mod with the new Milviz 310R and Honeycomb.

Works like a charm, thank you very much sir!

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@Djorous is right (and very cool for having a Gulf Racing avatar).

My mouse from Pwnage. When I saw you could customize the shells and they had a light blue and orange… I had to! :slight_smile:

Regarding the KAP 140 mod: Thank you, @jjbzflight! Now if I could just remember to watch a video or two on how to use APR mode. Thankfully most of my flying has been pretty good weather lately!

This is my favorite KAP 140 equipped tool. The Britten-Norman BN-2B Islander. That’s approaching PHNG (MCAS Kaneohe Bay) on the Windward side of Oahu in Hawaii.

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@Latka gulf and martini are the best!

@jjbzflight, I posted your mod in the new Milviz 310R thread. Many people unhappy with the default Asobo version of KAP140!

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Thanks for the words of support. Thinking I might review the ADF next. Seldom used today but was more important back when C210R was new. G1000 is great but I find I enjoy flying with the more historic instruments.


Agreed. I mainly find myself in the BN-2B Islander these days - I admit, I’ll use the GNS530 in the dash, but I do like to use the “steam gauges” :slight_smile:

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I didnt realise how poor my recent experiences had been until maybe today, where I did some proper old school VOR navigation in the 310, where your mod did me proud. I thoroughly enjoyed it and the KAP140 was solid gold. In short, I relaxed and enjoyed it in a way that I hardly remember. Thank you very much indeed for a real improvement in the MSFS world.

So in my quest to NOT just mash buttons until I get the desired effect…

Found what I think is a good little tutorial on the KAP 140 like we’ve got. I didn’t look too hard, but I think this is an MSFS video too.

@jjbzflight, did you consider uploading the mod to

I saw a bunch of people struggling with the default KAP140 in the Milviz C310R thread, without knowing that there is a mod to improve it!

You can even get some donations :slight_smile:

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@jjbzflight Yes, if you do post to please make sure to include the “buy me a coffee / beer” option and I would gladly donate!

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Same here!

Hi, I have buttons bound to Increase and Decrease ref VS, when I’m in VS mode they work great to change the rates of climb and descent. They only flash for a few seconds when I change the rate, but they do work.

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That is the correct behavior according to the real-life Pilots Guide.

Yes, it works well, I just saw the post earlier where the author didn’t seem to realize you could change the VS.

I must have conflict somewhere, but suddenly my KAP140 is hosed in any plane that uses it and has the ability to use a GTN750 - even if I select a 530, for example, the Analog Caravan or the Milviz 310R. If a plane doesn’t offer a 750 and has the KAP140 (like the Beaver), the KAP works fine.

I have the new-kap140 (v1.00) installed and I removed the WT530 mod as well as TDS 750, but my KAP fails to annunciate HDG or NAV on the unit or, if the plane is equipped with one, a secondary annunciator. But it seems to act like those are enabled. This might have started around SU11, but I’ve been flying the Kodiak and Beaver so much, I haven’t flow the others in a while.

I’m thinking the GTN530 mod is the culprit, but that was just a drag to the Community folder and I’ve since deleted it. Anyone else come across this type of error before?


There are two GNS530 mods since SU11. No big issue with the older PMS50 one. But the new WT GNS530W mod that can be installed from the marketplace creates problems for the GTN750. Did you install this from marketplace? (Does not appear in Community).

PMS50 has published a mod to fix this. You might check here - WT GNS530 Compatibility

The issues are in the core AP changes which is loaded by the WT GNS530W even if the GNS750 is chosen by tablet.

Curious - you can post here -

Aircraft that are designed to choose GPS by livery (example Flysimware 414AW) have fewer issues. The WT mod is not fully compatible with aircraft that choose GPS by tablet or hot-swap (example Milviz C310R)

Thanks - I finally realized it was a marketplace install and deleted it. So now the 750 works but the KAP140 is still broken - but only in planes that offer the 750 (Analog Caravan, 310R) - whether the 750 is selected or not.

Interestingly enough, the Beaver, which has a KAP140 but no 750 option, is unaffected. The AP works just fine.

I’ll start fresh tomorrow. Honestly, at this point, I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled so many times and with different planes, my head is spinning. LOL. Good times with MSFS.

There is a new 310R release in the Milviz forum posted yesterday. I have tested it a lot and noticed no KAP140 issues.

If you install the WT mod for the GNS750 specific to a airplane (in C310R community == pms50-gtn750wtt-aircraft-milviz-cessna310) you are running PMS50 provided mod for the KAP140.

There are so many variations of mod combinations that it is indeed overwhelming. Or fascinating depending on one’s mood.

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Thanks for your help. I think…maybe…I got it sorted out. I downloaded v1.1.8 of the 310R and deleted the marketplace version of the WT GNS530W mod - the trick was not just to uninstall it but to restart the sim. I took the 310R and the Caravan out for a quick IFR flight and the 310R’s AP worked fine. The Caravan go a little wonky with the AP on approach. I think the latest version doesn’t require the new-140mod, so that may have been it.