New localization languages have been added (Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish)

OK…does this mean ATC will speak in the local accents?
I have just performed a couple of short flights…all American accents so far…nothing against our yank mates…BUT…a bit of local accents would be a massive immersion gain.
Or have I misinterpreted this statement?

I think this is only about the interface, not ATC.

I wondered about this too. Would be helpful if they could state more plainly what they mean, for those of us who don’t know what “localization languages” means. Perhaps it is a translation thing.

Localization is an often used term in software development. In fact I think they might use this term in the wrong sense, because it means adapting software to a different language AND cultural/legal habits.
The software I work on for example is basically developed for the Dutch market but is translated to English AND respects the tax regulations of Aruba and the Antilles. That is the real meaning of localization.
The way they use it I would call it just Translation. But who am I? :wink:

Fair enough. I will know next time they use the term “localization” what it means!


No, you just didn’t know what localisation meant, and now you do.

So this statement is targeted at the developers…?

Both to them, and those who speak those languages. They can now use the sim with their native tongue in the UI.

Now you are really nitpicking, not?
I think that you know perfectly well that as you work in a certain branch that one tends to develop a certain argot. And we all start using these words that we hear all day long around us in our external communications, not always being aware that this is not ‘normal speak’ for everybody. I’m sure that you have fallen into this trap yourself once or twice.
And yes, it is true that a lot of simmers are developers themselves. The genre seems to attract people with this inclination.
See it as a chance to expand your vocabulary :wink:

I’m just an ignorant Aussie…obviously I do not have an adequate comprehension of the intricacies of the English language.
But we are trying to learn… :innocent: :upside_down_face:


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