New mandatory update

I don’t know if it’s the good place to expose what follows; Then, excuse me for that.
I receive this morning an information from, I think, MSFS . " A new mandatory update is available, if I don’t install it, the game would be uninstalled ".
It is notified after, that this new update in installed. But it’s become impossible to open the game. All is blocked.
Can you help me ? Thank you.

This sounds like spam / malware. MSFS would never uninstall your sim.

I think so, but the problem exists. What can I do ? Nothing in the files of the game shows anything…

Did you actually install this “update”?

If yes. Uninstalling the whole sim should be a way. Not seeing your PC from far away, I actually would recommend to reset your whole PC and set it up again (drive format and new Windows installation). I don’t know where the malware installed itself and what it is doing. So this would be the safest way to get rid of it.

You should scan your PC for virus and malware. That message would seem more as malware.

I’ve Bitdefender as antivirus. It has analyzed 1780316 files and has not solved 3 points.
It seems however possible that the problem is solved, then actually, I can now to restart the game, without any problem; and the apparition of a supposedly new update has no more appeared .