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Hi there, Just before you start to config your flight , I get an new message. What does that mean? …It’s been along time since I have added anything to the Sim. Any help is greatly appreciated, Thanks in advance.

would be helpful if you could tell/show us what this message was. Can’t really help you if we have no clue what you’re talking about.

It’s when you first go to the home page or beginning page

Can you type the content of the message or provide a screenshot?

what does the message say?

In big letters NEW…I don’t know how to do a screen shot

just a message box saying “NEW” and nothing else?

Yes that’s what it says

No clue then, never seen that myself.

How do you make a screenshot?

It might be worth reporting this as a possible bug to Zendesk.

The easiest way you can create a screenshot (which I would include in that BR), is to use Windows built-in “Snip & Sketch” Tool. You should be able to launch it by pressing Windows Key+Shift+S.

You can copy & paste the image here.

Ok , Thanks for the help and info.

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A picture tells a thousand words… That is a feature not a bug. That label appears when you have new unexplored content. Because it is the world map, it is probably a new airport, possibly something you have purchased or part of a free world update.

If you did create a BR on Zendesk, you can close it out.

Ok , thanks for the help and info about the message.

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