New METAR display

Really like that new feature that came along with SU7 :slight_smile:


Personally I can read METARs just fine, but out of curiosity does it come with a decoder?

If not, I imagine it will be the next big moan on here…

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If there is a decoder I must have missed it.
I get the raw METAR as shown.
Fine with me as I can read them just fine.
So dodnt even think of your very good point about a decoder.

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We are aviators! We should learn how to read METARS! If you can’t then there is always


Per the Dev QA - no METAR decoder yet… but they plan to add one down the road.

Hi since from some hour after update NO MTO

Empty your community folder and try again. Certain packages can always interfere. For example, the Unreal Weather Mod is causing a lot of problems with the weather panel since SU7

open the drop down menu “Quelques nuages” and pick an airport.
And it looks like you dont have Live weather active ( EN DIRECT ?)
I guess you will have to activate that as well for METAR.

I use when flying but having it in the sim it is great now. I like this site because it also help you with the runways and it is free :slight_smile:

only applies to Live Weather as stated in the Patchnotes

Done i take off unrealweather .
but i can’t tick the buton real weather in the interface …

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