New Monitor?

I’m running a 13900K with an RTX 4090. My complete specs are in my profile. My current monitor is an Asus TUF VG35VQ (3440x1440) 100Hz. I was considering an Asus ROG Strix XG438Q (3840x2160) 120Hz.

Will I see any graphical improvements? Does anyone have this monitor and how do you like it?

You might look at the Samsung Neo G9, with DP output, 240hz at 5120x1440. It will do the resolution fine with HDMI, but only at 60hz. I like mine a lot.

That’s a very nice monitor! - looks like the only downside is that you cannot take advantage of all of its features via the HDMI 2.0 port such as 4k with a refresh greater than 60Hhz. Given the price, I would also consider an LED TV as they are now going head to head with the gaming monitors at a very reasonable price. I currently have a 55in Samsung QLED that will blow your socks off and it has most of the gaming features such as 120Hz, Freesync premium pro, low latency mode, etc.

In addition, when my wife wants to put a TV in another room in our house I give her mine and then get a new one :grin: :wink:

If I used the display port, wouldn’t it be 4K 120Hz?

I have the earlier version of the Samsung widescreen (5120x1440) and it will run at 120hz using DisplayPort on the 3080ti. FYI

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Yes, it will work.

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I’m really curious about this 49" Samsung Odyssey G95SC OLED. Anyone know anything about it? I’m considering skipping my mortgage payment for one.