New, more powerful X-Box x Elite for 2023?

Hope for even better performance and capacity for X-Box running MSFS ?

8K !!

Xbox Series X Elite teased in new renders, beefier console in 2023

Microsoft is expected to succeed its flagship Xbox Series X console with a beefier Xbox Series X Elite console,

Read more: Xbox Series X Elite teased in new renders, beefier console in 2023

Read more: Xbox Series X Elite teased in new renders, beefier console in 2023

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forget it friend you are not going to play with a console at native 8k 60 fps you need a team of more than 3000 thousand euros for that and you would have difficulties, that is pure marketing, do not believe something like that

Soon to come at a scalper near to you !


I mean running fs2020 at 8k 60fps with medium quality, I’m sure it will be able to run fortnite at 8k or games like that

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A team of euros lol? Like an army of money?

sorry for the translation, I’m sorry I was referring to a PC of 3000 euros / dollars

2023? No. I don’t see that happening. Series X consoles still aren’t readily available. I don’t see them rushing another console that cannot possibly meet demand. And not with those specs by next year. It wouldn’t be cost effective to produce… yet.

But I do see an upgrade to the S and X like what happened last Gen, maybe by late 2024 for the S replacement and 2025-6 for the X replacement.

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Wait until the Xbox-XX get’s here. Oh wait, that’s a PC.


I’ll buy anything they release but they aren’t going to release this.

Looks like a 1985 VCR that took a wrong turn. No news from Microsoft itself - yet. If this is really in the pipeline I hope it does not look like those fan-made concept renders!

Also, where does it all end?? At what “K”??
4K, 8K, 12K, 48K? What is the limit of the human eye rez, when does it start getting ridiculous? When we need a scanning tunneling electron microscope to see the screen pixels?

I can have my eyes inches from my TV and can say my eyes are pretty well tapped out detecting the pixels. 8K seems to be nothing more than a clever marketing gimmick. I doubt many realistically could tell the difference. There are people out there who are still clinging on to DVD and haven’t fully embraced or gone all in on Blu Ray tech. Who here fully supports 4K by way of actually having a dedicated 4K player (consoles excluded) as well as a healthy collection of the physical disks?

All of us here who are in the 4K era are very much still the minority. Even if you got an 8K TV, there is almost nothing out there to use it to its fullest. I bet there’s really only upscaled stuff out there and not true native.


This is exactly right, The marketing people like nothing more than to throw those buzzwords around. My roommate recently got an expensive 2K monitor and he invited me to use his gaming PC to check it out. Windows 10 is pin sharp on it. Can comfortably have Excel alongside a browser open no issues. Can even have a third window open if needed. Text is pin sharp.

I then tried some games - again they look so amazingly sharp. So I began to wonder then - when does it go from being able to tell a REAL difference to marketing people throwing a big figure at you followed by a “K” to get you to lighten the credit card lol.

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no way that MS change back from the perfect working tower to that design :laughing: thats fake…


Yes that why I bought a serie s first until they release a better version of the Xbox, they did the same thing with the Xbox one and Xbox one x

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I go back to cartridge gaming and I’ve seen this kinda thing with every console generation. Most of the bold claims in regards to specifications, even the design concepts turn up to be false. I must’ve seen around 5 different “leaked photos” of the PS5 for example, none of which were what we eventually got when the official reveal happened. Same for Xbox. This is most likely much the same old nonsense.

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Whilst there could be an upgrade at somepoint, I’m calling this bogus clickbait. No way they ditch the vertical air flow type structure and go for the rather old looking flat rectangular ‘dvd’ player like shape. Also no way they depricate the ability to run FS on the S and X to say ‘oh it might work better on this one’. That would just be like admitting defeat and that running FS on these units was always a stretch. I also don’t think you will see FS at 8K for a good few years. I mean who even has an 8K TV. You’d need to be up at 100" to make it observably noticable. I think the only way they would market an expanded XBox for FS would be to allow a new feature like VR for XBox to be supported.

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I didn’t even bother clicking this video, what a load of rubbish, sure they might release a newer console, but in 2023, no chance.
We have a series x that has been difficult to get hold of for the last year, and I don’t think we have had any devs get the most out of this console yet, apart from FS2020, and even that needs some performance tweaking.

Do they even need a mid cycle console this time around, series x is incredibly powerful, same goes for the PS5.

Pure clickbait.


I was lured once into buying an in between generations step console.
But because of this “SAME game and completely the SAME pre-adjusted graphics settings for EVERYONE!” agenda… well… I could have kept my cool-looking first generation PS4 too instead of buying a new one for 400€.

Only Monster Hunter offered me the choice of having better graphics (better render distance better quality shadows etc.) - all the rest of the games had exactly the same immersion-destroying pop-ins and pop-ups and ugly jagged shadows.

So no one would lure me into buying some “XBox X Pro Elite” whatever version if I had a Series S :smiley: because it would be the exactly same game visuals on the Elite X as on the Series S. No one will ever again lure me into buying some maybe upcoming “PlayStation 5 Ultra Pro Deluxe Edition” too.

I buy stronger consoles only if I get graphics without pop-ins pop-ups and without jagged shadows, and not “more FPS more kay!” :wink:
(The human eye cannot see any FPS/K differences anyway because everything running with 45FPS and upwards is considered 100% fluent, and there is also no visual difference noticeable between 1920x1084, 2560x1440, and 4k → and upwards. Just a complete waste of rendering power and generating an enormous amount of heat, cooling fan noise and wasting electricity.)

The benefit of the Elite would be MORE RAM, not so much the 8k.

One thing that limits the current X-Box with MSFS is the limited CPU RAM capacity.

Get a PC. I could never go back to console.