New Motherboard

Morning Simmers,

I’m currently upgrading my PC and got a new Motherboard. I’m keeping my M.2 Pcie storage (500gb/1tb). My question is will it be a straight forward swop for the ssd’s? Can I just connect straight on to the new motherboard? Or do I have to do something first before doing so.

Thanks in advance

Yes, it should work without issues and load up Windows as you fire up the PC.

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Should be pretty straight forward. You’ll want to download all the latest motherboard drivers (ethernet, audio, bluetooth, WiFi, chipset, etc.) provided by the motherboard manufacturer. They can be found on their website. Load them on to a USB flash drive before swapping out the MOBO so you’ll have them handy. Windows will probably install them automatically, but sometimes you’ll run into a snag. Ethernet drivers have always been the most troublesome, for some reason. It’s always good to make sure you have the leatest drivers anyway.

Also, read the motherboard manual so you know which M.2 slot(s) support Gen3, and which one(s) Gen4. Match them up with the drive specs. A Gen4 drive will work fine in a Gen3 slot, but you’ll only get Gen3 performance. I have a cheaper motherboard that has only one of each type, so I bought a Gen3 drive and a Gen4 drive, and put them into the respective slots. My MOBO also has a caveat that if one of the M.2 slots is populated, one of my PCie slots is disabled. It’s not a problem, since I don’t need to use that PCIe slot. Just something to keep in mind.

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As already said, just put it in the correct Slot, ie. if its a Gen5 NVME, then put it into the Gen5 Slot, if your MoBo does have one. On a new MoBo, they should all be Gen4 atleast, but read it up, or many times its printed directly next to the slots on the MoBo.

Make sure you have latest BIOS and Chipset drivers and you probably want to download the software of your SSD manufacturer to make sure you have the latest driver/firmware for it. Many times there are also other options for the SSD, as for example “GameMode” and other features you might want to enable/disable as you like. :slight_smile:

I just got me a new M2 NVME SSD with 2TB aswell for MSFS, i went for the best available Gen4, as Gen5 just came out and is very expensive… pretty happy with it. In the winter i will upgrade further and add another one for the whole windows and finally get rid of the oldest parts in my PC, which are all the SSDs :grin:

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2 partitions? 500GB for Winows and 500GB games etc?

Yes, 1Tb is Msfs files only. :+1:

It’s been along time coming and looking forward to the new specs. 64gb (2x32) ram 5200mhz, 4090 :grin: & Ryzen 9 7900x. What upgrades you looking into?

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As i upgraded already to 7800X3D and 4070Ti OC and DDR5 RAM, its just optimizing.
Will go for an AIO cooler, probably 6400MHz DDR5 RAM (instead of 5200) and upgrading my very old SSDs to very fast Gen4 M.2 NVMEs.

Just the „small things“ that are in there since years now… :grin:


1 Backup documents, photos, save games, msfs settings etc.
2 Go to
sign in, and remove “old PC”.
3 Also unlink from microsoft store

4 Install new mobo
5 Format C and install OS
6 Update BIOS
7 Download and install drivers.

Fly safe.

The motherboard should have an app for itself which will automatically
download and install all drivers and driver updates that are required for
the motherboard.

If enabled in BIOS settings :wink: