NEW MSFS 2020 - Cessna L-19 Bird Dog to be released today

Thanks a lot. Great update!!

I wonder if we could get a Bird Dog repaint in Air Cadet livery? If it was possible, what colour scheme would you suggest? Seems they had a few variations.

Flew it tonight! This is an awesome update! The dashboard looks way better, the new features are great! Thank you for this.

Picked this up today after seeing the 1.4 update. Both to fill the lacking floatplane niche and as a show of support for the continued effort to improve the plane. After the Feedback you got originally you could have easily just cut your losses and moved on, so to see so many improvements specifically addressing one of your harshest critics speaks volumes.

I do have a question, it feels like the fuel usage is high to achieve the rated endurance/range? (I flew for an just over an hour at 55% throttle and used 50% of fuel, endurance rating says 9 hours) Maybe it’s a bug because I use auto-mixture, or maybe there’s a typo somewhere? Thx.

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Makes life slightly more worthwhile … Thank you :slight_smile:

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Are you among this lucky DEVs quoted in the 15th Oct DU ?

Nearly 60 partners have been approved to our Marketplace Partnership

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Yessir :slight_smile:
Just working on the packaging etc


That is great. I have wondered, when a product goes onto the marketplace, will updates to it be through that in the future? Not just limited to the Bird Dog, but curious in general.

They should, but I guess nothing forces the developer to do it.
But if they don’t do it, the rating from the store will decrease I guess, and that will mean less sales, so they have interest in keeping the product updated in the marketplace.

Do the current owners of Bird Dog, have to uninstall the product and download it from market place? The market place stuff resides another folder I think? :thinking:


Yes that is right I think. I have several things that are showing up in the content manager in MSFS now, but there is no link to update them. Your suggestion of having to download anew from the Marketplace is likely going to be required. That of course will require the developers to figure out how to not charge you again for the software. It may end up being to complicated with Microsoft to get it done. ??

@MarkManner Once you have bought something on the marketplace, you must go on the “content manager” to update, if they don’t update automatically.

Hi Cercata, I was referring to the non-marketplace purchases that I’m now seeing in content manager and whether they would also update in the system as opposed to directly with the developer. For example, I have the Washington DC scenery add-on that I bought directly from the developer. That is now in the Marketplace for sale. I emailed the developer to see if there was a way to get future updates in the content manager, but so far haven’t heard back from them. I have a couple of others like that, and it looks like the Bird Dog may be one of them as well.
I guess we’ll see how it all integrates going forward.

No Not at all … current owners need do nothing at all …
Any future updates will apply to either and all versions and be notified accordingly


@MarkManner I see what you mean now…

That dependns mainly on the platform you bought the game, at the moment I think only Steam & Microsoft Store, if they allow the developpers to give keys.

Steam allowed that in the past for cases like the one you said, but many devs started to abuse it for not paying steam their 30%, so now its quite limited.

Given the early state of the sim, sdk, marketplace, etc, I doubt it’s posible now, but I hope Microsoft is working on something like that, if not, we should make a petition.

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I am pretty sure that once it comes out in Marketplace, if you want to have it through there, you will have to buy it again through the Marketplace. I don’t see a feasible way to transfer ownership and it makes no sense cause it creates tons of issues with Microsoft’s profit share etc.

Basically, I’d expect that if you really want it there, you’d have to buy again. Anything I bought outside of marketplace (2 aircraft so far and that’s it), I expect to buy again in MP.

Out of interest what was the other plane you bought outside the market place?

Yesterday I purchased the Long EZ from IndiaFoxTecho. This should also be coming to the marketplace (they even name-dropped it in the Dev Update yesterday), but not sure of the date… along with their trainer military jet, which has also been submitted to MS. The way I justified it is - it costs $18, so that is like… a glass of wine in the restaurant. For that money, I get to have the aircraft for a few weeks before it comes to the marketplace. It’s worth it TO ME.

Yeah I’m waiting for the MB 339 supposed to be out this weekend according to a post on their FB page.

I’m not bothered if I can’t claim the birddog on the market place. Having a email notifying of an update is so much more convenient than having to pop in the content manager on the off change an update has been posted.

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