New Nvidia 497.09 Always CTD

FPS is probably more of a placebo effect since this game is always all over the place. Testing out the previous version now and hopefully back to normal.


Yeah blue squares for me to and 2 ctds since when loading into places that worked fine previously. been working on sim for days and hours before hand with 0 issue’s.

I haven’t changed driver since 457.30, I only play MFSF so I don’t have to change all the time, and 457.30 is still one of the best drivers for the game, if not the best.


Just updated the Nvidia driver to 497.09 and had non-stop CTD’s, could not start any flight. Crashes within 10 after loading a flight. Just reverted the driver to the previous version and it’s working again.

Wondering if this is indeed why I am starting to get CTDs. Thank you so much for this! Going to go back to previous Nvidia driver.

Hello. My name is Manuel and I work for NVIDIA. I have not received any driver feedbacks for this issue nor do I see any current bugs tracking this. Can you fill out our driver feedback form below so that I can have our QA team try to reproduce this and have our software team investigated this?

EDIT: Looks like I can’t post links here. Can you go to the NVIDIA forums → search for the feedback thread for driver 497.09 → there you will find a Google Driver Feedback Form link → fill out the form so that I can get system specs for our QA team to try on (include which monitor(s) make and model you are using in case it is resolution or display specific).



Crash with latest driver 497.09 (win10) here as well.

Two flights with this driver, two CTDs. Then again 80% of my flights with the last driver were CTDs as well. Dropping back a few to 452.06, which I’ve seen good reviews for. This is getting ridiculous.

Yep also crashes, back to 466.77 for me. Haven’t had a good driver for so long, every one for months and months been causing artifacts.

Thanks Manuel - form submitted (had already submitted feedback through Geforce Experience).


Add me to the list.

I rolled back the driver to .76 and fixed issue

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Revert back to 496.76 and no problems at all. :+1:

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Yep, same here, updated driver to 497.09 and always CTD before I even get the flight loaded. Never had an issue before with a NVIDIA driver.

Going to figure out how to install older driver.

I can confirm I have not been able to fly at all since updating to this driver went and tried to do a rollback but wasn’t able any one has found any solutions

Had a CTD trying to load the first flight after the Nvidia driver install.

Took my OC core clock down 5 ticks. Been perfect ever since. (currently +110 core, +1070 memory, 3060ti)

Thank you very much

Thanks for your support Manuel! :+1:

Thanks for your interest, form submitted.

I have installed the new driver and so far I had none of the problems mentione here. My system is Windows 10, CPU i7-9700, RTX 2060, 32GB RAM, Display 1920 x 1080

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No problems here. Win 11, 3070

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