NEW Nvidia Drivers: GeForce WHQL 516.94 - Nvidia has issued a security warning for it's GPU drivers on 4/8/2022)

Showing my ignorance here but I am still back on 471.68. With an RTX 3090 now after SU6 and hot fix, my one remaining immersion-spoiling issue is pop-ups. Everything looks great in 2D and VR in ULTRA or close-to-ULTRA in both and I have set my FPS limit to 30 in the Nvidia Cpl for MSFS and do get 30 fps in the sim (otherwise the GPU would be hard at work cranking out a much higher fps). But whether flying over Mr. Rainier in an Icon A5 in 2D or VR, although they are not major, there are these constant little burps of scenery here and there especially when viewing the flight from the external camera behind the plane. I have Offscreen Terrain Precaching set at ULTRA, which according to Jummivana has the following effect:

  • Ultra - This is will have no offscreen caching at all, and everything will be maxed out based on your graphics setting. The quality in front of the user is the same as from behind the user, so nothing needs to be loaded. This could come with some FPS drops when turning the head, but would result in higher FPS and lower memory usage when looking forward and not turning your head quickly.

Source: [RELEASE] Release Notes ( World Update VI: Germany, Austria, Switzerland Now Available! - #2 by Jummivana

Sorry if this question is in the wrong place but basically I’m interested to know if I go for 472.12, whether that’s likely to have any significant impact on the pop-up problem. Otherwise the sim visually and performance wise is pretty incredible for me now, especially in 2D. Someone else’s post suggested that a difference in the relative position of the external camera vs. the plane was the cause of the pop-ups (nothing to do with the Nvidia driver) but some of the pop-ups are right on Rainier’s peak as the plane passes over it with the camera close-behind. Since the scenery at the location of the pop-up looks great before and after the pop-up insertion, it seems to be a matter of timing and the GPU or MSFS deciding to insert a bit of scenery way too late in sequence.

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