New Nvidia Studio Driver 522.30

Hi guys,

new driver is available.

Gave it a try (after some issues with 522.25).
Made a new (only graphic) driver installation, using standard Nvidia graphic installation guide.
My first impressions (MSFS SU11 Beta, Win 11 21H2, Ryzen 7 5800H, RTX 3070 8GB, FS general settings: mostly medium, clouds: high, LOD: 100/100. DX11, TAA, VR >G2, no OXR, OXRT FFR and MR, 30 frames locked, Nvidia standard settting > texturefiltering quality: power, using Weather Preset Pro mod):
Starting testflight, FBW A32x, Innsbruck, heading west.

  • with “older” driver I never had stable and fluid 30 fps on the runway, during takeoff.
  • stable and fluid 30 fps during different flight and weather conditions.
  • no stutters during panning
  • no notable memory consumption issues, stable (4.8/15 MB, 80% VRAM)
  • 17-40% CPU headroom

Looks good.



Was really impressed with the last studio driver so will happily try it, although it doesn’t mention anywhere of anything that has changed to improve msfs that I’ve seen myself apart from 4000 series support and cuda 11.8 support?

At least the studio drivers are well tested which is always good :slightly_smiling_face:

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Our MSFS and his buddy Nvidia: forever a mystery and/or lottery game :crazy_face:


Can’t find a link for the last one you talk about 522.30 in Nvidia drivers page and in forum. Do you have a link please?

Here we go: NVIDIA Studio-Treiber | 522.30 | Windows 10 64-bit, Windows 11 | NVIDIA

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Well they once were as they were usually already been GameReady and extensively tested and given the Studio moniker … but now they come out before the GameReady? :confused:

At any rate so far not bad but only played with it for short hops on DX12

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This driver is for notebooks only (you will already know :grinning:).
bye walter

No, it’s for pc’s too.


Strange I found it on NVIDIA Driver site :grinning: perhaps you looking in wrong place :wink:
NVIDIA Studio Driver | 522.30 | Windows 10 64-bit, Windows 11 | NVIDIA

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Just waiting for the “I’m getting 30 more fps with this driver and I’m getting 30 less” :rofl:


:joy::joy::joy::joy:That makes two of us


Make it three :laughing:


I had issues with the lastest GRD and had gone back to the previous version. Gave this most recent SRD a try and it at least didn’t give me any warning messages. Performance seemed about the same as the earlier driver. I’ll keep running/testing it since it’s no worse than the earlier GRD and doesn’t give me error messages like the most recent GRD.

Seems to be fine running nice and smooth for me new SD :+1:

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Studio drivers is what Asobo uses in their production machines, and I am sure of this because the SD were released on the same day as SU10. It is not coincidence when you read Asobo notes on the SU10 release, knowing that SD do not get as many updates as the game drivers. Any serious developer, whatever their trade, will use the Studio drivers because of its “pureness.”
Everytime there is a GAME drivers released, some other games listed in the profiles may start acting up because of the changes made for the new games. That is why there are hundreds of posts of players reverting to older drivers.


I’ll be sticking with this sd unless something significant comes out in the next grd :+1:

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For me the performance with 522.30 is very good (similar to 522.25 but without crash / freeze).

R93900x, rtx 3070


If we would only have gained 1/2 an FPS every time we updated our NVidia driver, we should have reached 100+ FPS by now :rocket:.

For me personally 522.25 works great so I’ll skip this one.

Same here no issues with 522.25. I’ll just wait for the next GRD.

This driver sucks compared to the last one.