New/Old Player Returning to MSFS after a long break - Need Advice/Ideas/Suggestions Please

Hello Everyone,

First time poster here on the forums but a very long time flight sim enthusiast that goes all the way back to 1982 and Microsoft Flight Simulator 1.0 on the old IBM PC. Since then, I have gone through every iteration of flight sim there is… I’ve been a more casual flight simmer say over the last 10 years but still come back and play every now and then. After being an original alpha/beta tester for this sim, I have been away from flight sim since this time but it’s time to now get back into it and enjoy this marvelous simulator.

I recently had a brand new pc custom built for me as follows:

12900k 16 core 24 thread CPU
ROG Strix B660-F Gaming Wife
32gb RAM (DDR5 5600mhaz/cl36)
RTX 3090 graphics (ROG)
2x 2tb gen 4 NVMe SSDs (5 year warranty)
8tb HDD
360mm AIO liquid cooler (5 year warranty)
1250w PSU (10 year warranty)
Lian Li D011 case
6x Corsair SP 120 fans (2 year warranty)
Windows 10 Pro

I’m going to assume that the above specs are going to run this sim fairly well I hope based on what I have read… :grinning:

What I am after from the community is a bit of help getting started with the following:

  1. Will my Logitech Flight Pro stick work with this sim and is it plug and play auto configure or does it require configuring ?
  2. What is one of the best career addons I can get ?
  3. What are any separate addons/mods I can add that will enhance the graphics/visual experience ?
  4. Does ORBX or anyone else have any addons that will enhance any regions for Australia ?
  5. What is a good weather engine addon that I could get (Clouds, Rain, Thunder etc…) t hat would go well with the sim
  6. What is the best place to download from (Microsoft Website, Steam, Microsoft Game Pass etc…) which one will give me the least hassled with any addons I plan to get



It’s odd to pair a “B” motherboard instead of a “Z” with a “K” Intel SKU. You can’t officially overclock on a “B” motherboard. Not sure if overclocking is important to you or not. Was this to save money?

It should work fine. You’ll want to go into controls and customize things, I’m sure.

I happen to use Neofly. It’s pretty good. Takes some time to understand it, but it’s free for the main package. Other add-ons are a very nominal donation. There are a few other’s people use, but you can try Neofly for free and if you don’t like it, try something else.

95% of my add-ons are free ones from Stick with one’s that have a lot of downloads and read the comments before you try.

Have fun.

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Thanks for your reply BigCow74, much appreciated… :slight_smile: