New patch! wow!

Love this sim. So far over 100hrs logged in IFR flights. :slight_smile:

Very impressed so far with the new patch today. I see an immediate improvement with performance and have written several posts on how to improve performance in general, which now much of is no longer needed. My CPU went from a constant 100% to now around 73% on average while flying. Stutters are gone, FPS has improved, really impressed.

I have also written some helpful topics here on how to get the best performance (especially with 4K). Be sure to check them out, but I think with this new patch we are set!

I’ll tell ya… I was really thinking about the 3080 GPU… and now, I don’t think it is really needed. I am getting over 50fps with a 1080ti and i7-7700k in 4K. Really impressed.

EDIT - What is strange… is that they said in the patch notes that they reverser on the CJ4 was removed (real world plane does not have this). and It seems that its still there?

EDIT #2… It’s true… the A320 is not working properly now. I cant even get off the ground. The #2 engine shuts down after APU is turned off. So, thats not good.


@SunTiger81 sounds like a BOT or a paid reviewer. There is noting good about this update. The sim cannot even stay running without freezing with the update.

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Shadows fixed and it actually runs properly. My 0fps issues are gone, stuttering is gone, and it doesn’t fly like it’s on rails anymore and flies like a real plane do to the weather being fixed.

And MFDs are gone too! now its really a VFR HAND FLY sim. no auto pilot, no mfd screens.

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This new update is garbage, I repeat garbage. The A320 is all screwed up now. The auto pilot doesn’t work, the instrument landing system doesn’t work, The main panel turns off randomly, my God this is ridiculous. If it ain’t broken don’t fix it!!!

Sorry you feel that way man. But, it really does work well on my system. It seems some people have issues and others dont.

Going to try the A320 now… I will report back.

Jajaja what??? Nothing good on this patch men…50 fps 4k realy?? But all grafic option in low ??? …im play in 2080 ti… i9 9900k…al in ultra. and 40 fps max in the sky, 30 - 25 fps in ground. Plis men…

The sim crash every time since the 1830 patch update :rage: :exploding_head:


I use the high setting, the preset one. It works really well. There have been lots of reports that the sim does not run well on the i9 CPU’s. The i7 runs it better. I know that seems crazy… but, trust me… its running great on my system and I have a 1080ti.

I even made a full post on all the things I have done to get great results. It was pretty detailed. Maybe you should take a moment and look at that. It could help you…

I’m afraid poor performance on an individual’s system is like having haemorroids. Unpleasant for them but of little or no interest to anyone else. Do you get my point?


I can confirm… there ARE issues with the A320 after this patch. For me, I have noticed two issues.

  1. Engine #2 shuts down after APU is powered off. It can not be restarted and there is no way to take off now.


  1. You enter the flight with plane already running and then fly. But, then the issue is that on climb out, the power goes in and out. Very strange.

So, they need to address the A320 for sure.


Everything else works much better now, smoother, etc. So that is nice. I generally fly the CJ4 (like in real life) so I don’t deal much with the airliners. So, I am happy lol. But, yes I can see where this is an issue for many people who enjoy the A320 etc. I am sure they will fix this soon.

Update… The A320 is not working. I can confirm this. The #2 engine shuts down after the APU has been turned off. I cant even make it to taxi. lol. So, I assume this is a wide spread issue and MS will need to address ASAP!

Just leave the api on and the engine won’t shut off. Minor inconvenience

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There are more than 1m copies sold but the same few hundred complaining about issues here. What does that tell you? Perhaps there are many happy simmers putting up with a few bugs and not bothering to come to these forums to post how happy they are when the responses are like these.


Wow? … The Simulator is unusable after this update. So many resets and crashes that it can’t even be used. :rage: :exploding_head:

Amen! yeah, people are so rude… its sad. I feel bad and hope whatever is going on bad in their lives gets worked out. Yes, there are bugs, and things are not perfect. But, ■■■■… this sim is amazing and running smooth on my system. Maybe I have a magic i7-7700k or magic 1080ti then. lol. no idea. I just wanted to share my experiences.

Anyway, ill likely not post much more then. Sounds like my advice is not helping anyone.

and yet it runs perfect on my system. and so does many, many, tens of thousands of others. Just goto twitch and watch all the streamers with this. Ask them how its running :wink: or… just watch for yourself.

It works well here.

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Lets do the math… 1 million copies sold, and to be generous, lets say 20,000 dissatisfied customers.
20,000 / 1,000,000 * 100 = 2% yes… thats TWO PERCENT!!!

if only the goverment Health care analyst could do math :slight_smile:

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