New patch broke AP for Flybywire A320Neo?

When entering a flight plan manually into the MCDU, then using autopilot… the plane banks hard to the right and enters a dive when using AP.

I think it works fine if you plan your flightplan automatically within the game flight planner.

Thats a negative there my friend, it is truly borked. Users including myself have found various workarounds including using older versions, disabling some flight controls, setting deadzones to 15%, as well as flying direct to a waypoint to set it off. But I have had varying success with these measures and to be honest it feels more like a software tester than sim aviation hobbyist at this point. Im sure the wonderful crew over at FBW will do something to fix it soon, I see lots of pull requests over on the discord/github. But other than that…borked…and not just this apparantly! Cheers!