New Pauses and Stutters Approaching Airports following UK Update?

Every time I fly into an airport, big or small, I get brief stutters/pauses as the scenery loads a few miles out. I’ve always had some hiccups thanks to my 1080ti at big airports. However, everything seems a little worse no matter where I’ve flown since the update. My settings are not over-the-top either.

I wonder if something changed in the code that’s causing them? Maybe a bad reaction to an object or livery? I have no clue- I’ve tried pretty much every trick in the book to find the cause, but the momentary pauses and stutters persist.

I know that a better GPU will dramatically improve performance, and I’ll get one soon enough- but still, things seem just a little more-pronounced than before.

I’m experiencing also performance loss when approaching airports.

Ofcourse a certain degrade makes sense. Objects needs to be loaded and theres a lot of stuff happening.
But the most annoying part are the annoying stutters and sometimes a lag at touchdown.

I really do hope they can fix this.

I had couatl on during approach, causing crazy shutters around 1000 feet. In addition I flew another approach with couati off and no shutters, performance was amazing FPS was consistent.

In game, when on final approach to a runway, I regularly experience a stutter at a critical moment at low altitude, less than 500 ft and speed consistent for landing.

I am flying R7 3700X / RX 6700XT / 32 GB 3600MHz C16 DDR4.

In all other flight sequences, there are no particular performance problems. I play consistently at 60 FPS with Vsync enabled and parameters set to Medium.
I monitor the parameters of the configuration in flight with HWiNFO, but the landing is a sufficiently intense moment that monitoring is difficult at this precise moment.
Therefore, I carried out special approach and landing sequences at the risk of crashing. What I noticed is that at this point the GPU load was going up to 99%.
In my experience, it does not only happen in the UK, but also in Australia and all over South East Asia

I wonder what I could do to remove this issue during the landing sequence.