New Pilot Guides - Cannot Post one-why

All - I have worked up with help from a real world pilot the F-14 Cold and Dark Checklist. Some buy in from DC designs as well. Additionally I have worked up a 747 Cold and Dark/FMC start checklist and in any case, I try to post them on the New Guides Section of the forum.
I get the red round circle with the bar through it, not allowing me to post them. Does anyone know why just normal average folks cannot post in that section of the forum. If I need permission or have someone review it, whom do we get in touch with? I have zendesk this and the answer I got was a link back to the forum in question, and still cannot post the guides. Any guidance would be appreciated.

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I am not completely sure but it’s likely you need Trust Level 3 for this as guides likely be under the “Create Wiki” banner, but I could be wrong.

I am sure a forum moderator can help either post for you and credit or assist in how to fix whatever is causing the restriction if message then.

@MeridianSquid71 Thanks for the question!

The #student-pilots:forum-guide , #student-pilots:new-pilot-help-guides and #student-pilots:advanced-pilot-help-guides categories are not available for general posting, for obvious reasons.

However, that is not to say that forum users are excluded from posting there.

As I understand it, the ability to create posts in that area of the forums is restricted to those who have been granted the “Local Guides” badge. Only Community Managers (CM) can grant that badge.

However, moderators can review potential guides and move them to the relevant guide section, if deemed appropriate. In such an eventuality the CM team would also be alerted that a new guide had been written and they would evaluate the granting of the “Local Guides” badge.

If you wish to publish such a guide then please post it in the most relevant section of the forums and send a private message to @moderators asking them to consider the post to be transferred to the guide section. (As an alternative you could also send the potential guide by PM to the moderators if you didn’t want it published in advance on the forums.)

I hope this all makes sense.

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Yep, thanks to all who replied. I will polish it today and get it up. I already posted the F-14 checklist in the F-14 thread, so hopefully it gets moved because it’s functionaly more correct than the one in the plane. DC Designs will incorropriate the relevent parts into the next update and manual. Some changes to plane will occur on new update after 11-18-2021. The upgrade then will be free to registered users I have been told.

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