New Release - A6M5 Zero and A6M-N Rufe in Legendary Aircraft Pack 1 from Romantic Wings

hold up…what in the heck is going on over here…

…is that… Tron Guy?


Got it today and it is a very clever product. The only down side is the trees on the island.
They look very old textured like.
I am very happy with this purchase.

Regards, David

After the update, my throttle won’t work with it.

have you tried throttle axis 1 instead of tjust throttle axis ?

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I’ll give it a shot. just throttle axis worked in previous version, though. Film at 11.

that did it. thank you so much

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Yep, it’s the “Throttle 1” issue introduced in the last sim update. I sent BeeKay a note on and YouTube, so hopefully he’ll see that.

He added a B5N2 Kate, as well, in the latest update.

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I had a request to post pics of the new variants Kate and Val that were added to the pack in the new version and how the cockpit textures there are just not really at all acceptable. So here are some screenshots right out of the sim tonight.

Bernd mentioned that he found these models on the Internet, so this is not of his own doing. This probably explains the difference in quality between Zero and Kate and Val. Zero, by the way, is available for free on .to - it’s done by someone else but it’s exactly the same visual model and cockpit as the Romantic Wings package.

Without further ado, these are the spots that hurt my eyes the most. I wonder if anyone can help him do something about it cause other than that, the aircraft are enjoyable.

This is Aichi Val

Here is Kate:

Zero looks much better in comparison:

Rufe is also passable:

Wouldn’t have been acceptable for payware in FS9.


Yeah, that’s where my problem with the $26.99 price comes in. These packages are really overpriced (TO ME)… I don’t think I will be picking up the Luftwaffe one, unfortunately.

Anyone got an updated opinion on this pack?

Comparing a few old/newer YouTube videos, the sounds do seem to have improved a bit.

At about £18 from JustFlight, you do get quite a bit for the money. Fully aware it’s not on a par with the likes of FlyingIron.

There’s such a lack of Japanese aircraft in the sim right now.

Just spent a few days flying it. The aircraft itself flies fine, nice and manoeuvrable. On its own, it’s not worth £18 …… aircraft alone used to be free on

But the package makes it worthwhile (for me at least), if only for the 2 included aircraft carriers to land and take off from. I wonder if the Hellcat and Corsair will land on these carriers, I don’t see why not.

Not something I personally will fly often when there are a huge amount of very high quality planes to fly….but then I don’t fly anything longer than 5 days or so before a new experience.

You mean

Oops, yes,

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Your photos look like freeware quality (*) and the price is quite steep for the quality of the textures. Ugh.

(*) Apologies to the freewares that have a lot better graphical quality than this!

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Thanks for the feedback. I tend to be a bit more picky, look for aircraft for the long haul. Any purchases have to fill a hole in the hanger.

If it wasn’t for the lack of Japanese aircraft I wouldn’t even be considering it, The Reno pack pretty much achieves the same for pure low-fidelity warbird situations.

As you say though, the Japanese WW2 carriers are definitely a plus.

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Unfortunately it’s no longer available on

Guess the dev got wise on the profit he may be loosing.

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Oh yeah, that thing didn’t last on my machine more than a few days. I don’t want to have junky aircraft… all immersion is gone with that graphical quality. It’s just not at all on any decent level. That goes for the rest of the Romantic Wings products. I also found the 1930s and 1940s ground elements (troops, cars, some random rocket launcher etc) just completely out of place in a modern day sim. That add on did add Japanese aircraft carriers off the shore of some island near the airfields that he populated with WW II Japanese paraphernalia and I removed that part of the package right away… also none of that paraphernalia looked good at all. It was all plastic looking just like the aircraft.