New release : Aerolite 103


This could be fun. I always enjoyed the ultralights in previous sims.

Review is not flattering, worth a read.


The fps drop comment is very strange for an aircraft with no avionics :thinking: (funnily enough noted in areas that are typically fps heavy regardless)

I imagine the flight model comments are a little more valid however

Ouch, thanks for sharing. I badly wanted this to be a solid release as I could see myself having a blast flying low and slow and taking in the sights with this one. Can anybody speak for their reputation as a developer? Looks like they’ve been around a while.

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Yes, love ultralights. They are great for sight seeing and such.
But at EUR 18.60 - and once I stop laughing - I’d rather fly my kite!
Be serious please! With the volume of unit sales you must be expecting with MSFS 2020,
that’s a sub EUR 10 aircraft all day.


And I am entitled to my opinion.
So lets keep it civil, eh.


That does seem a little pricey for what it is.


Bummer, around 5 Euro I would have bought it even with the issues present. Would really love an ultralight


I honestly thought Nemeth stopped developing addons. Sad to hear it’s getting lackluster reviews.

That´s a bummer as this is exactly the aircraft I waited for in MSFS.
Can anyone of you confirm it´s not nice to fly?

I like this bird, something is wrong whit the payload calculation,so you have to enter a very low pilot weigth, but otherwise a nice but different experience.

Ahh yes, the aerolite, i enjoyed flying this thing in xplane quite a bit. I have to agree that the price is waaay too much for what youre getting

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Bought it and honestly this isn’t bad but as with nearly every MSFS release thus far it’s been buggy. There’s a braking noise that occurs non stop on a loop for me unless I put on my parking brake. Even in the air. No idea what that’s about. In retrospect I wouldn’t pay more than 10 USD for this, not the nearly 20 I paid… absolutely overpriced.


As I said, above, Ultralights are good fun, so Yes, at EUR 5 or less, I too would have tried it.
Lets hope better examples are offered up, and at a realistic price.

I do not know, but it looks like a simple ‘port over’ to me.
And maybe lacklustre products deserve a lackluster review!
Shame really. The demand is clearly there.

For the price of 2 super grande primo latte mocha bla bla coffees or 2 combo meals at your local mystery meat fastfood chain or a 24pk of premium double ply toilet paper… its fun and well worth - which is a nice change of pace (with my obviously ridiculous opinion)

This thing is the ultimate sightseer and not much slower than a Cub

Sounds excellent, flies as it seems it should (tho ive never flown an ultralight sadly) trims nicely, plenty of gusto getting high and finesse getting low

A dozen liveries to boot

I flew around just south of my home in Cape Canaveral, NASA, KSC and had a blast

Grand Canyon is next :grinning:

With this recent POI update to the States, this and it are a perfect combo


Does everything work in it after today’s update?

Nice counter opinion, well put.
I really would have bought it if it had been EUR 10 or less.
My loss!



I need to put those funds to toilet paper hoarding maan … yes good point to make, putting it into perspective its not a horrible price.

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As far as i can tell, a buddy & i both got them after the patch yesterday

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How do i fly these ultralights? Shortly after takeoff, I quickly lose altitude and crash.