New Release at Simmarket: BRSIMDESIGNS - DEBONAIR 35


Did not buy it yet. Price looks a little steep for a Bonanza mod. But it has steam gauges.

EDIT: After buying the Debonair I can say that this is not a simple mod and it is well worth the money. I really like it!

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It’s not a mod. It’s a new different plane.
It has a shorter fuselage, completely different cockpit and interior, extra wingtip tanks, etc.
Also from the description it seems far more realistic. Closer to the JustFlight Arrows in complexity as to the Asobo and Carenado planes.

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OK… I would be MAYBE interested in this, but after that guy’s EMB200 that STILL has a half-functional DEFAULT GNS430, I am not taking a first bite. Someone has to try this out first. Will be waiting for some reviews.


I got interested in it until I saw who made it. I think the EMB200 is still not fixed.
Edit: What Jeremy said :slight_smile:


That EMB200 has achieved a new level that I haven’t quite seen before - it took a perfectly functional DEFAULT GNS430 and made it LESS functional. (Wait… I HAVE seen it - VirtualCol broke the range knob on the Beech 99’s default G1000)… I forgot what it is about it… but Oh yeah… the radio channels don’t work, so you can’t communicate with ATC and also you are not able to switch frequencies on it. I bought it up time and time again and the guy never ended up fixing it. So that thing sits in my hangar cause I have no desire to fly it.


I found a video on it, demonstrating an ILS approach:

Audio seems fine, with a satisfying tyre squeal on touchdown.

Hmm come on if you’re building an another bonanza then finally give me a V-tail please …

No seriously,
the cockpit looks great, the presentation, the design and the layout of the instruments are great.
Even the lighting of the instruments is impressive and does not look as attached as on some other aircraft.

The tiptanks, which according to the description really have a function and are not just optics, are a nice bonus.

Unfortunately, the short video cannot be used to draw any conclusions about the functions. What works and what doesn’t etc …

The sounds seem to be mostly from the Asobo Bonanza or am I hearing that wrong?

But as soon as there are the first tests and they are positive I think I would get weak and add this part to my hangar.


The quick way to find out would be to uninstall the Bonanza, and see if this plane still works.

It was the only video I could find, but it’s only been out a few days so it might be good to just sit on your hands, and wait for a reviewer to pick it up.

buy it, fly it, love it :grinning:
the perfect plane for my South Africa trip :+1:
i hope

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keep us appraised. Would love to know if it’s worth buying

It’s not a bonanza mod. This addon was developed from scratch.
Nothing from the Default Bonanza was reused except for Asobo’s audio package.
GPS, radio panel and ATC are fully functional.


The Debonair is basically a baby Bonanza. Great airplane. I will be curious to hear if that digital attitude indicator links to the GNS530 to fly RNAV approaches. Anyone know?

I bought it. I’m not on my computer, so I don’t have screenshots (I didn’t take any, but that besides the point :sweat_smile:) I’ve only done a quick test flight, which is just a cold and dark start, take off, and land.

I like it. Everything seems to work, although I haven’t tested the avionics.

The door and widow are animated, however the engine sound doesn’t change when opening them. (You do get wind sounds and stuff, and without the engine running, it made me think the engine noise would adjust accordingly) This doesn’t bother me, but worth pointing out

The beacon light shines through into the cockpit. I immediately noticed the blinking red light reflecting off the panel, and thought it might be coming through a window. No. I looked behind me and it’s coming right through the airframe into the cockpit.

In exterior view, it doesn’t look like there’s any windows. (They’re clearly there in the interior view) This may be intentional, as thumbnails for all 8 liveries look to be that way. Maybe they’re just really clean windows :man_shrugging:t2:

I haven’t decided if I like the prop animation, but it’s not bad.

The brakes don’t work very well, but that could be true for the real aircraft. I have no way of knowing.

I couldn’t find anything else to nitpick in my 5min flight. I’m satisfied, and I expect these small things will be improved fairly quickly, as I didn’t see anything major wrong with it.

I’m not easily bothered by small stuff like this. It’s definitely far FAR better than the C90 by BT Studio. So long as they update the beacon light, which is really the only thing that bothered me, I feel it’s worth it’s price.

I’m curious to see what others find. Also, it gets bonus points for having a solid black livery as an option! :grinning:


Plane looks like it uses the default KAP 140 AP so it should handle RNAV approaches (though it’s not quite that simple in the real world).

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Yeah, I get the real world part of it. I actually don’t want to fly coupled approaches, I’m hoping that the AI is similar to the Garmin G5, and gives localizer and glideslope indications from the approach loaded in the 530 (whether it be ILS or RNAV).

The instrument looks a lot like the backup MD 302 Artificial Horizon used in the DA62 and others (which doesn’t have the ability to couple to flight director or GPS) rather than a full-featured Garmin G5 ?

There is a standard CDI below the 6-pack which hopefully would be coupled to the FD/GPS but some aircraft (like the Carenados) don’t seem to be able to get that working for RNAV approaches so it might not work.

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Hold my better judgement, I’m going in! (For real though, the Ipanema has been one of the biggest disappointments for me, it had such great potential that BRSim wasn’t able to fully realize. I still hold out hope though.)

We’re all counting on you.


Lack of window reflections on the exterior shots really stood out to me. Hopefully this is something they are looking to improve.


Window reflections! That’s why it looks like there’s no windows! I knew it looked odd, but I couldn’t figure out why the windows looked to be missing! Thanks :+1: