New Release: EA-7 Edgley Optica (ORBX)

Its pulling quite badly if I leave it it will easily go over 15deg to left bank fairly quickly

I’m right in the middle of a flight, with a few landings done, and I have some observations.

It’s another plane with messed up default camera views. Some of them like left, right, and over over right shoulder have the camera position so far back you can’t see through the windows. The default pilot positions also cannot see all the instruments, like the turn co-ordinator. I’ll have a go at resetting those later to something more useful.

Also, is it just me or does it crab in to the wind different to any other plane? If the wind is coming from my left, the nose points away from it. So I have to use left rudder to stay lined up with the runway, then after touchdown I have to switch to right rudder to stop the weathervaning. It feels really odd. At first I thought I had messed up my rudder trim, and I might have been fighting that so I assigned a key to reset rudder trim, so I know it’s not that.

It also loves to float, even at low speeds, and feels very heavy on flare. You have to pull back quite hard on the stick. Over the threshold I was doing around 65-70kts.

There is no animation for toe brakes, so perhaps it doesn’t have them, but they do work. Left toe brake seem to raise the parking brake! :slight_smile:

I also noticed that the audio of the engine just unceremoniously cuts out when the engine stops. There is no splutter from the engine as it does. I tested this twice, once by accident, the other on purpose. I let the left tank run dry, and all of a sudden it was dead quiet in the cockpit! :slight_smile: The second was shutting down on landing.

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Funny enough, I use only the Thrustmaster Airbus stick as well. I really don’t have that heavy left issue. But yes, I should have also mentioned the sound loop with engines all-in. And yeah, floating is there… bleeding off speed is not a simple affair here. But I do think it flies better than the Aerosoar version. It’s no longer a rocket and actually takes some skill to fly properly. So even though it’s a little sluggish, it presents more of a challenge and I always welcome that. Also… differential braking worked fine for me.


I have the Airbus stick too, I don’t have this plane (yet), but I do have similar issues sometimes. The fix for me: on the start of each flight, cycle your rudder full left and right a few times. That seems to calibrate something that makes the flight better for me. Also - may want to increase your rudder dead zones. I’m not in game now, but I think I’m at 10%?

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I have a bit of a deadzone and also quite a big curve on my pedals as although I like the stick response to be twitchy I hate a twitchy rudder. I did some testing and let the drift carry on for a bit and it did bank over a fair bit more but its simple enough to kick in some right rudder to keep her lined up. Also did some stalls and tried some basic loops and rolls, dunno how the real plane stalls but this one is mostly docile in a power on stall with a tiny bit of a tendency to spin which is easily corrected. She doesn’t like flying inverted, engine stays on but I lost a lot of altitude lol.

Don’t try this at home!

In external view that buzzing engine sound and the way the plane looks makes me think of a wasp or hornet, it even has a little ‘stinger’ poking out the back

What we need is a wasp/hornet striped livery!


Anybody flown the Orbx version & the Jonx, (.to) version & willing to compare them?

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Hey All,
Picking up on some of the points.
Sounds we are looking into as they def should not be looping engine, switches should be there etc as all coded in the Wwise package.

VR issues - noted, will look into

Landing, you are way to fast. As I posted above my tips on landing, threshold at 60knts maximum then idle, trim her out she’ll touch down beautifully, no need to float.
As with any real world aircraft you should be doing an almost hands off landing using trim and engine power, do not hand fly her down on the deck.

With the wind crabbing, what was it gusting or blowing at?
All tests we did with low, medium and high winds she was showing correct behaviour at various altitudes.

Also what weights did you have set and did you have the correct ballast set as per in-cockpit reference card?
What was your fuel state in both tanks, were you off balance there?

She has a little pull to the left but nothing out of ordinary, what was the wind set to in your mission and what was your ballast weight set to?

If you can comment on those we can check against issues you’re raising.

On liveries, the photoshop pack will be released soon so you can make your own liveries.

Please do keep the feedback coming, I’m here and listening.

Orbx Business Development Manager


Stearing on the nosegear? Seems not to be turning left or right.

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Noted in bug list thanks

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They have an extremely high loiter time, so they’ve been used in the past by several police departments as an inexpensive alternative to helicopters. If not for that fact that it only has three seats, it would make a great platform for sight-seeing air tours.

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Is it powered by a turbine or a large ducted fan connected to a conventional engine? With 8 hours loiter time, they’d need to install PRT (Pilot Relief Tubes) like many military aircraft have. At only $19.99 I think I’ll buy one just to admire low level scenery.

it looks like someone built it in his garage

I was thinking ‘Electrolux’…


It uses a Lycoming O-540 inside the pod to power a ducted fan.

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Thanks for looking into it. Another one for the bugs list: contact points of the tail boom. Seems to hit “invisible ground” when rotating the aircraft. In other words; contact points are are set too high. It should be possible to rotate the aircraft further, there is still much room to spare.


Anyone else with TrackIR having problems with this? With my view centered if I turn my head to the left then back to center the camera position always gets pushed forward. I either have to re-center my viewpoint or look up and back down to get the camera to go back to normal. Maybe a problem with the camera collision boxes?

Not the biggest issue but it gets irritating very quickly always having to fight with the camera position.

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Please review this thread (NewkTV = Jonx). We’ll keep this thread focused for Orbx’s product. Thanks.

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Same issue here, I just can’t get the plane to fly straight and level. Even with fuel perfectly balanced it banks to the left in all phases of flight. I tried cheating some by using mapped buttons to add some rudder trim but then it just flies at about a 10 to 15 degree crab angle to keep the wings level.

I’m not having this issue in any other plane so don’t think it has anything to do with my controls.

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No I have tried everything, from setting the weights, I have never had the ballast warning, Just from default settings, she is going left all the time, its making it hard to use. I cant leave it alone for a second before it is banking left.
I also keep the fuel balanced, i dont drain one tank then the other I swap over every 30mins