New Release: MScenery MiG-15

MScenery is at it again. I am not expecting much but here it is.
Downloading now. Review and screenshots will be posted tonight.

simMarket: MSCENERY - MIG 15 MSFS

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I’ll take that one. Still WIP, but I like the stuff Aerosoar is doing:


Based off the screenshots from both links it looks like they share the same model. I’d be interested in hearing how the payware is.

This one promises functional gauges etc… So we will see. Still downloading.

Mind you, MScenery were the guys who took Dino Cattaneo’s code and MB-339 as a template for their BS F-18. At no point in time would I recommend anyone support these guys. I bought this one simply because I own all the MSFS aircraft. Hopefully, they didn’t steal other people’s work for this one.


So THIS is interesting… The aircraft shows up on and then suspiciously, MScenery happens to release what looks like the same model. Question is… are they taking other people’s stuff this time too? If the source of the external model is a freeware model, then it’s probably legit (unless the author specified that it can’t be sold)… If it was stolen, then… I mean, I wouldn’t put anything past this person - he had the gall to steal IndiaFoxtEcho’s work for his only other aircraft release and is selling Google Map rips on SimMarket.

Both the freeware plane on and this new Mscenery Mig15 both use the same exterior model, however that isn’t suspicious as the model is from an artist called SDV who sells royalty free 3d models of military jets on CGTrader. It would simply seem that both Mscenery and the freeware dev both purchased the same model, which is currently on sale for 30% off.

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Sounds legit to me then. Let’s see what else it has besides the model. Putting my daughter to bed now. Back in a bit.

So just some extra info. The freeware dev claims that this SDV modeler gave him permission to use the model for the freeware plane. Mscenery likely just bought the license like for their F/A-18.

Now while the Freeware cockpit is currently non-functional as it’s a WIP, it already is modeled SIGNIFICANTLY better than the Mscenery cockpit which looks like junk.

There is literally NO REASON to buy the mscenery plane as the freeware version uses the same exterior model, already has a better (though not yet functioning) cockpit, and will be significantly better supported that Mscenery’s trash.

Here’s a video with the current state of the freeware cockpit. Compare that to the ■■■■ Mscenery is peddling


Sadly, there’s always someone that keeps buying this stuff.


I am gonna keep this short and simple… This is no different than the F-18 he has out there. It’s a waste of a good external model.

Landing gear does not retract. Contrary to his claim that 90% of the cockpit gauges and switches work and are animated, I will correct this lie by putting this number at about 40% for animated and about 15% for functional.

Obviously, no way to start it from cold and dark. Some switches are animated but they don’t actually do anything. Other ones have a cursor over them to make it seem like it’s interactive but there is no animation OR anything happening no matter what you do.

Take a look at the artificial horizon too - THAT doesn’t work either. I am not confident that anything shown on the gauges is actually correct - my speed and altitude on that one shot are SUSPICIOUSLY low.

I have obviously not flown a MiG-15, so I don’t know what it flies like to comment on this. I was able to successfully take off and land. That’s about it.

Basically, I wouldn’t recommend anyone to buy this. At all.


Looks like it’s gone. Someone is taking action.


the landing gears is not working because your batteries are disconnected!

Nope…it’s still on Sim Market

What are all the lights and everything else running on? The Holy Spirit?


Purple cockpit? Never seen that before. Dont think a real mig ever had that. Also, the shape and angle of the panel seems odd, it just looks too excadurated. I would much rather see fewer and more expensive addons than all these sub-par, half assed products flooding the MSFS market.


The most headscratching part of it is that the model they purchased from CGTrader has a fantastic cockpit that they could have worked on animating with gauges (which the freeware version is doing) rather than making this inaccurate purple version that looks like doo-doo.

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This is in the marketplace now…didn’t even realize it was released…uhh at this point is it any better than it was when released? Hrm

No. It’s not better. It hasn’t had any updates since the week of release.


Often, developers just buy/license these models…it’s not even expensive if you sell a handful of copies of your aircraft.

Turbosquid is a good page to buy 3D models. Many other such places to /buysell 3D models.

No idea though where this particular MiG comes from, have not looked in detail and i don’t own the MScenery MiG.