New Release: Pilot's Boeing B314 "The Clipper" Flying Boat

THIS will be nice to have in MSFS! I have it on P3D and it’s a tricky one! Takes quite a bit to learn. I have the “Pro” version - the only one they had at release. They just recently released a cheaper “Basic” one for quite a bit less - the original was about $90… I certainly hope they bring the full Pro version! This will be a treat.


Nice, I have the Corgi die-cast of that sitting on my desk! It came in a set along with the Concorde for the 100th anniversary of the Wrights’ first flight, and I only just recently realized they’re actually made to the same scale.

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Very interesting, I do like a classic flying boat. I hope they’ll be releasing both ‘pro’ and ‘basic’ models in MSFS as that pro price is unfortunately outside of my means** and if the basic version is still good I can see myself picking it up. What are the differences exactly between the two versions in P3D? I’m guessing systems modelling is vastly simplified for the basic version but I hope flight dynamics have not been simplified too. I’ll be keeping an eye on this one for sure!

**NOTE I’m not criticising the devs or looking to start any arguments about prices of Flight Sim products. Some people are capable and willing to pay these top tier prices for the top tier stuff, and more power to them. But unfortunately I can’t and I’ve come to terms with this fact, which is why I hope both pro and basic models products will be released!


Differences between the Base and Pro versions.pdf (

These are the differences between the Pro and Basic versions.

Cheers for the link. I think I’d be alright with most of that.

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Psyched! One of my favorite planes ever.

I met one of the original Pan Am pilots of these planes back in 2004 at the Avsim flightsim conference. I spent quite a long time talking with him.


There is an Avsim conference??? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
Oh, I bet THAT is a hoot! In more than one way… If I could make myself invisible for a day, I’d totally go.


It was a long time ago, before “the event” and before Tom passed away. Avsim used to be a nice place to visit. Granted, there was always the riff raff around, but you could ignore it more. After Tom passed, it went bonkers.


What’s The Event? I feel like this is some long-lost episode of Lost now. :rofl:

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Some guy was ■■■■■■ and hacked their server and deleted nearly everything. Stupid how childish people can be.

Wow… too much vitriol.

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Humans are messed up. It was fine when we had lots of space between us and couldn’t really communicate with each other. Now, with population burgeoning and the internet, I don’t give us much longer on this earth. At some point, a misunderstood text message meant as a joke is going to wipe us out…


Now February 2022. Still coming ‘soon’?

Anxious for news on this myself. Hope its still in the works!

Just bumping again as its been over a month since my last inquiry. If I’m reading the previous posts correctly most of the work on this aircraft was hacked/deleted? I’m guessing this project is dead then?

That was referring to the hacking of the Avsim site, not the aircraft. As for this thing? I have no idea. Nothing has been mentioned since. I know Pilot’s is now working with SWS on a Dash 7… No news on the flying boat. For now, I fly it in P3D.

Thanks for the update Jeremy!

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No worries! I really hope this one comes through… It’s really enjoyable in P3D and is a TOTAL pain to manage engines with (at least the high-fidelity version, I don’t know about the basic one)… I’d love to experience that nightmare in 2020. :wink:

I asked the question on their FB page when the Dash 7 was announced. The answer I got was that the 314 will probably be out before the Dash… :sunglasses:

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Resurrecting an old thread. Is there any news on this addon?