New RTX 3060 Ti + FS2020 in 1440P = Blurry instruments!

Not sure whats going on really… Using medium settings with at Ryzen 1600 at 3.8 (to be replaced). Using my 27" LG’s native res 2560 -x 2440, scaling 100. Gauges etc looks really blurred (or pixelated) when closing in to them. Also I find there is no “crispyness” in the graphics. The look soft, sort of… TTA Antialiasing on.

A bonus question: Anyting I should change from the medium gfx settings over all with my setup? (yes, the cpu limits some settings). Turned of Flare (dont like it), and turned off effects for depth and motionblur. Anything else to turn eiter higher, lower or off?

Bonus question: If going with the 5600X instead of the 1600 (3.8), are thera other settings I can change?

Hmm… Seems like its foremost the Cessna 170 thats having this problem for me.

Read in the forums that other simmers recommended going for 16x Anis… (cant remember the setting), but not sure that helped in this case.

Did you try to increase render scaling?

Set your resolution to your monitor specs then use render scale to match 1440p

Ok… so Im running FS in its native res and then from what I thought, “100” would be the native render scale? Im not really sure I understand.

That’s right, in the resolution option you choose your native display resolution then you reduce your render scale to 1440p

But I though a 2K screen was 1440P ? 2560x1440 is the screens native res.

What is your monitor model?

LG 27GL83-A (sorry for a very late answer)