New SDK Documentation - I'm not a happy camper

Not only do I not like the new SDK scenery editor that came out recently (I can’t collapse types of data anymore, at least not as easily as it used to be so I can focus on selecting only certain types of items), but now they’ve made the SDK Documentation even harder to navigate than it used to be, and seem to have taken a lot of information out? Like the Living World Config documentation, I can’t find it anymore. Is that because it was broken before and they are rewriting how it works?

Agreed about the editor, seems much more cumbersome now to hide unwanted stuff.

Re. living world, not sure what you are looking for but I have a topic " Living World Configuration File" in the docs (both .chm and .html versions). Was there more?

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There was a whole couple of chapters describing how the whole Living World system works with examples in the SDK itself, and it appears that was all removed? I haven’t found the documentation anyway, as they reorganized the chapter structure kind of. The Services section is still there, but I haven’t found the documentation for the Living World examples (I assume the example files are still there).

I have a feeling they removed it because they realized the system doesn’t work as designed and they are bringing it back to the drawing board?

The way it should work is every airport should either pull from the default files, or if a living world and services.cfg system is designed for an airport, it should only affect that airport. In fact, the way it works, is that the last set of files read from the the community packages affects all airports. So if I write one for my airport, and somebody else writes a set for their airport, and their airport is further down the content.xml file than my airport, my airport takes on their living world config and scripts.

They also STILL haven’t fixed the paths to the services scripts in their examples. All of the living world setups I’ve seen authors create are all pointing to non-existent services scripts, because they are copying the examples in the SDK. So, for instance, fuel trucks don’t work, until you add the Asobo_ to the directory containing the services scripts in question.

They’ve addressed my issues with the latest release of the documentation. Thank goodness they got rid of that opening page/table of contents. Navigation is much easier now, and they’ve added back in the stuff I used to use.

And, as a bonus, while they haven’t updated the examples in the SDK documentation with the proper paths yet, the samples of both the Services.xml and LivingWorld_Cfg.xml files have all the right paths now, and seem quite complete as well in structure.

I’m having issues getting LWC to work properly still, and it still seems like they act globally and interfere with each other (I’ve received multiple reports of interference from people who use my airports with say LVFR’s AIREX or whatever it’s called, as well interference even between my own airports (the last one read takes precedence). Also, it seems to ignore many of the features such as wingspan vs parking spot, I still get small_ga aircraft in Large_GA parking spots despite all my attempts to turn that off, But that’s not the fault of the documentation