New SDK Scenery/Airport Tutorial

Hello everyone… I’d like fool around with some scenery, and possibly created a small airport or two. I messed around with the SDK around the time of release and as far as I can tell things have changed. Are there any helpful tutorials out there for the new SDK? Also I’ve installed the SDK and documentation but I’m not find the samples folder anywhere. Any help is much appreciated

Find the directory where you installed the SDK (by default, C:\MSFS SDK\ ) and the Documentation folder in there. Open index.html from there in your browser … the samples/tutorials are under the Introduction section (and the files used for samples are under Documentation/html).

Give this a shot:


Forgot to mention that starting from Sim upgrade 5 sdk docs and sdk samples have separate downloads, you can find both in the help menu of the Dev black bar in the Sim.

Thanks for the replies. I’ll have a look and report back.