New Sensitivity Settings - KBSim

Found an excellent video describing the updated sensitivity settings:

I used these settings - exactly - for my KBSim Gladiator joystick and KBSim rudders. What a difference it made! It’s like a dream come true. I’ve been struggling with the settings for a long time and finally found something that works for me. Tested on Flybywire A320, default TBM and Aerosoft CRJs - same profile and it JUST WORKS! Thanks @Huddison2074 (Hope I got the name right).


Thanks for promoting this video - not my best by far: I completely mispronounced the ‘Extremity’ Dead-zone setting, but the video gives one the general idea :wink:


i just changed my sensitivity settings to the ones in your video and flying is much better now. thanks!

Great! Glad this share worked for you with the recent updates.

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