New Simmer worried about getting MSFS on XBox

I’m really worried about the reviews I’m reading from people playing the game on Xbox Series X. I’m new to Xbox let alone MSFS. Never owned an Xbox before but planning on getting an Xbox Series X just for MSF 2020. I’m not so sure anymore about whether to spend a lot of money on a console and game that already has so many complaints about it. The game that is.

Go get it. Although we all are complaining, we are still here and love using the sim, even on Xbox!


I don’t think you should worry. The sim on Xbox Series X generally performs superbly. People have reported some issues when running add ons but generally the consensus seems to be that the sim on Xbox is in a really good place - certainly compared to a few months ago.

I enjoy the sim on Series X enormously and have never regretted making the switch from PC.


Thanks for the replies. Question; Is it possible to SAVE long-haul flights inorder to continue it later on?

I cant answer your last question as I’ve never tried myself, but in terms of buying the console I’d say go for it. I bought an Xbox series X a few weeks ago, only for this game and have not been disappointed at all. I also suggest getting a yoke and throttle to add to the experience.


Im on PC and I only use stock airliners for long haul like the Asobo A320neo.

  • You can save any flight
  • However the flight parameters are not saved
  • The weather and time function (slider) are disabled and locked

This means when you come back to the saved flight you have to quickly set the autoflight systems again because all the altitude, speed, or functions like LNAV are all turned off. If I save my A320 flight while at 36,000ft and come back to it then the flight begins at 36,000ft - in a nose dive. The altitude window shows 5,000ft.

I want to try using the Developer Mode Pause to make the changes as this is the only TRUE pause in the game. I keep forgetting to do that.

Some complex 3rd party airlines have their OWN built-in Save State. Im not familiar with these and no doubt those who have them will give their input. My guess is that those planes save everything including the autoflight parameters.

If you like the freedom of addons/modding and like to fly airliners and want the best graphics possible, try to get yourself a good medium to high end PC.

If you just like to fly GA planes and can’t afford a med-high PC right now, go for Xbox.


I would say dont be worried. I bought a Series X purely in anticipation of flight sim coming to it and have not been disappointed in the slightest. I have well over 500 hours logged and consider the xbox as my FS machine that I occasionally play other games on.

Whilst people do complain about things ( myself included sometimes), it’s worth bearing in mind that negative stuff may seem more visible, as people tend to post more when there’s a problem rather than when everything’s going well.

Also, although there have certainly been bumps in the road, the sim (mostly) looks to be steadily improving as time goes on, and Asobo / Microsoft seem very dedicated to the platform.


It depends a lot on how you want to play with the MSFS.
If you want it to be as real as possible (like me), you usually need additional mods, external software and addon aircraft like PMDG Boeing, Flybywire Airbus, Fenix Airbus, some Aerosoft stuff, Real Live Traffic etc…
On top of that possibly mod management software.
Therefore, the xbox never came into question for me, as good as I find the idea in principle. Many of the addons are currently or generally not available for xbox.
For flying with the default aircraft and the functions and scenery already included in MSFS, the Xbox is certainly well suited.


100% this!!

(On Xbox Series X)

Yes it’s true there are many problems, yet for every 1 issue there’s at least 2 reasons to jump in and go down the rabbit hole that is “The Flight Simulator” that many of us find ourselves in.

There are moments of genius/brilliance in this that you can’t find anywhere else on console that I’m aware of. It does need more polishing but it is generally coming back out of the dark place it was in some months ago.


Yeah the series x work great, if you’re new to consoles in general take a look on how to wipe the systems cache. I own a lot of add-on planes, only visual mod is runway textures. I have no problems at all.
Clearing cache helps all games after any updates.

The sim may crash once in a blue moon, but rarely.
But a buddy has a Series S and it’s pretty rough for him. Honestly kinda mad they even made such a thing. It’s pretty much a PS pro, pro. Like tad bit better.

Definitely recommend picking up a cheap or not mouse and keyboard. I have a Logitech combo and it only uses one USB port.

Honestly don’t pay attention to MS reviews. If you look at “Puppy paw patrol game” reviews you might understand what I mean. Absolutely ridiculous…


Hi there im an Xbox series X owner and i was also worried about how it would be on console.
Im so glad i bought the sim. Its amazing, its beautiful its constantly amazes me that this kind of game can run in a console.
Its not just the jaw droppinh beauty of it but also the fantastically supportive community thats has built up around it wether you want to fly small single engine prop planes, airliners or sound barrier breaking military jets there is something there to keep you on the edge of your seat.
My advice is find what you enjoy at your own pace as it can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be.
I hope you take the chance and enjoy the ride.
Im glad i did.


C’mon … one of you ‘gamers’ :wink: please answer the guy

Maybe this is a good place to start with:

Or search for “save flight” in the forum in general.

I try to avoid save and continue long flights, because of the more often unpredictable results the plane behaves after that.
I then rather try to get closer to my destination or in bed with time acceleration.
The question is not easy to answer, would also have to be a little more specific, PC or XBOX and which plane. Otherwise, there are many possibilities and many experiences…


Yeah, title should be changed to “New Simmer worried about getting MSFS on XBox”

I don’t have an Xbox, so can’t answer the “Save Flight” question.

Do be aware that there is a bunch of functionality coming to Xbox when they finally implement WASM code capability on Xbox, which means that several addons that aren’t available on Xbox will be coming to the platform. The first pass of it is coming with SU12, which I imagine will hit in the February time frame? I don’t think they’ve given us a date yet on that.

There’s a lot of information to be gleaned about the development of the program in the Blogs (Community/News and Announcements) and by watching the MSFS Dev Q&A’s on Twitch/YouTube.


What do you mean by,“Yeah the series x work great, if you’re new to consoles in general take a look at how to wipe the systems cache. I own a lot of add-on planes, only visual mod is runway textures. I have no problems at all.
Clearing the cache helps all games after any updates.” How do you go about it?

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Thanks, guys. You’ve really put me at ease. I’m even more excited now to get my hands on this game and Xbox Series X. I’ll get back from time to for advice/tips as I mentioned, I’m totally new to Xbox and MSFS.


Series X/S has a new way that doesn’t involve unplugging it and pressing power button.

Settings/ Choose Devices and connections/ Select Blu-Ray/ Choose Persistent storage, and select Clear to delete the cache.

Don’t ask why it’s under Blu-ray.

The flight sim also has a Cache under “data” you can clear.

This type of small maintenance really helps with all games, especially with a lot of smaller indie devs. Sometimes when games update old files get left behind. Then the console tries to load them again but they’re old, so games crash. It’s not always a fix all for everything, but a lot of issues others have in flight sim is related to lots of mods (might be broken after a update) , and left over junk files the system didn’t delete.