New Simmers: Introduce Yourself!

Not new just returned to msfs after playing MSFS2004 and FSX. So I’ve now got the Series X and it looks great so far


Hi, you can call me Simon. My nickname is Koksman.
I am playing Microsoft Flight Simulator on: PC with Hotas X, keyboard and mouse.
I want to try flight simulation because: as child i wanted to be pilot. Wasnt possible due to my myopia.
I’m most interested in learning about IFR, VFR and basic flight education in Microsoft Flight Simulator.


Welcome to MSFS!
I hope you enjoy it so far.
If you have any questions or need help with anything, feel free to ask or sent a DM to me or one of the other copilots!

Hi, you can call me Lee.
I am playing on Xbox Series S!, with controller, keyboard, have a hotas from playing Elite Dangerous but haven’t used it on FS yet.
I want to try flight simulation because: I like flying games, particularly space type, Elite Dangerous but tried FSX in 2007 but PC wasn’t up to running it.
I’m most interested in ATC, flight maps, VFR, IFR, and hope to start playing the sim more realistically.


Hey Lee.

I’ve also spent quite some time in Elite Dangerous, I actually know of many simmers that do. At the end, anything that plays inside a cockpit is of interest :slight_smile:
Hopefully you’ll find here what you are looking for. Unfortunately ATC is not the strongest point in this Sim, but besides that, there’s much you can do realistically.
Have fun!

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Hi there!

We hope you enjoy MSFS so far.
As you probably noticed, we have several co-pilots on the MSFS forum.
Because you posted your introduction here, we have a couple of questions for you.

We like to organise one or multiple groupflight(s) soon with the new pilots on MSFS and the co-pilots from the forum as a guide.
For us, its the first time we organise such a flight for the new pilots, so we would like to know if you are interested to join this flight too.
There hasnt been a date set yet, because we would like to check first if you are interested in such an event.
It will be just fun. So no real life procedures to follow, ATC to handle or maps to read. Just join, meet new people and have a great time together.
To make the flight a bit more interesting we will add some challenges on the way.
If you would like to attend, please let me know by a DM.
Requests for places to visit during these flights, challenges or other ideas to have a great time in the sim or on the forum are more than welcome!

If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask me or one of the other co-pilots.

Hopefully we will see you soon in the skies of MSFS!

kind regards the @Copilot crew @Jummivana
Our Co-pilots (Welcome Crew) - Student Pilots / Basic Gameplay Help - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums



That sounds like a really good idea and a natural evolution/ elevation of how us Co-pilots can be of use to the community particularly to new flyers and inspiring them.

I’d gladly be involved with some sort of structured Flight School thing. (I’m a real world pilot - with PPL - SEP)
Just let me know how I can be of use.



Hi, you can call me:Ch4dicus
I am playing Microsoft Flight Simulator on: Xbox Series X
I want to try flight simulation because: I enjoy flying IRL. I want to get better navigating cities and better my fundamentals while at home.
I’m most interested in learning about everything MSFS2020 has to offer to make me a better pilot IRL.:


Welcome @Ch4dicus !

Nice to hear you’re flying IRL and using the simulator to get better at it!

Hope you’re having a good time flying and also here in the forums! If we can be of any help, please let us know!


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Rick here, retired in Central Florida and playing on Xbox S. I have loved airplanes all of my 65 years and have flown remote control airplanes for 7 years .


Hello everyone DareDiablo4873 here and I am on Xbox Series X. Haven’t played Flight Sim in many, many years but great to be back!


Also, how long as a new user before I can create a topic and what do the coordinates mean under people’s usernames on “Add People” tab?

Hi Rick,

Welcome to the community!
Basically you’re remote controlling airplanes in the sim too, right? :wink:

Happy flying!


Hey @DareDiablo4873 !

Welcome back to flight simulator and welcome to the community here!
Hope you have a good time here and it won’t take long before you can make your first topic!

You can read about the different trust levels here:
Trust Levels and How To Advance

Happy flying!


The coordinates you see under people’s names in the simulator are literally the coordinates where they are flying at that moment.
So it gives you their location on the world map.

Hi, you can call me Michael
I’m playing on Series X with Hotas One, keyboard and mouse.
I have a low thousand of hours in FSX and FS9, switching to Xbox together with the other peripherals seems like the best combination for me instead of building 3000-5000USD rig.
I’m mostly interested in simulating IFR long hauling, but so far enjoying the VFR hoping around as much as you can imagine.



I want to try! Have problems with the procedure. So: my “Simmer name” herzdiet, use the FS 2020 since release, so far no problems until the update to version on 28.07.21. After installation, I can no longer enter data to program the autopilot; applies to all aircraft. If I want to enter e.B. tax rate, HDG, flight director, etc. with the mouse, the corresponding button flashes in blue color… otherwise nothing happens! Conclusion: I can no longer fly on autopilot! Who can help me? By the way, use a fast/powerful PC, so that’s not the way.

Ich will es versuchen! Habe Probleme mit dem Verfahren. Also: mein “Simmer-Name” herzdiet, nutze den FS 2020 seit erscheinen, bisher keine Probleme bis zum Update auf Version am 28.07.21. Nach der Installation kann ich keine Daten mehr zum programmieren des Autopiloten eingeben; gilt für alle Flugzeuge. Wenn ich mit der Maus z.B. Steuerkurs, HDG, Flightdirektor usw. eingeben will, blinkt der entsprechende Knopf in blauer Farbe… sonst passiert nichts! Fazit: ich kann nicht mehr mit Autopilot fliegen! Wer kann mir helfen? Benutze übrigens einen schnellen/leistungsstarken PC, daran liegt es also nicht.

Hi there @WurmAsche8

Welcome to the forums!

The language in this forum is English only, except for the Fly Together categories. Please see the FAQ:
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

From what I can understand from your post you need some assistance. I’d gladly help you if you could post in English please?

Thank you!

Hey! I am from Ukraine, the city of Berdyansk. I love to fly in my own lands and lands. I fly to PC hotas warthog


Hi there aí from Brazil. Just got the Xbox s version installed… enjoying a lot. But couldn’t find a way the active air traffic control interaction. It appears disable and the button locked in that position…