New TDS GTNXi 650/750 for MSFS

Take a look…

TDS Sim Software for Flight Simulator

It’s $60… Unfortunately, for me, this is a non-starter. It does not currently have any cockpit integration and runs as a separate app. In addition, the AIRAC database is not upgradeable… so unless these guys can provide cockpit integration, or someone else can, this isn’t happening for me. Not for $60. That’s a price of GTN on P3D WITH full cockpit integration and no separate app to run.


Totally agree, wouldn’t touch it for free. Cockpit integration is a must for me. But I’m confident there will be cockpit integration at some day, so let’s wait and see.

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I’ll just leave this here in case someone didn’t notice the thread :wink:

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Yeah, obviously! I am using it and I love it. But it’s good to have alternatives, right? Unfortunately, this one isn’t much of an alternative without cockpit integration.


Yes we need…
Upgradable nav db.
Workdwide charts. eg. Navigraph
Cockpit integration/VR mode

But actually the separate app is quite nice and makes it possible to run on a separate touch monitor, just as meant to be😀

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does this mod have accurate approaches with holding patterns or does it use the striate

in approaches that msfs has?

I’m considering getting this as apparently it works well with the RealSimGear 750 display.

The benefit here is that because you aren’t popping out a VC instrument, there is no slowdown. I confess I haven’t tried to pop out the PMS50 mod, so don’t know if it’s possible, or what the performance hit might be.

The other benefit is this is a one off purchase, and not a subscription.

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It has approaches, missed approaches too. Plus just about everything you ever dreamed of apart from cockpit integration, which I have really never wanted anyway. On a touchscreen it is utterly, mind bogglingly brilliant and this, even with a Windows touchscreen.

Hobana, go get it. It is great now and will get a lot better when Asobo fix the autopilot. Also, there are no performance hits and as another plus (possibly as a result of being a separate program) my sim has never been more stable and I haven’t had a single CTD for over thirty hours of use.


That does it, I’m buying it! :slight_smile:

I guess the “cheat” here is that you can use it with any aircraft? Or at least one that has a native GPS?

Say you have a plane with the umodded 530, and then I start entering a flight plan on the physical 750. Do you see any of that data mirrored on the VC 530? Would it be possible to break something by entering information the sim GPS cannot cope with?

You don’t even need a GPS, just an autopilot and if you are feeling sporty, you could even hand fly it with the Bleriot. Anything will run with it and I have had eyes like saucers for the last week. Other half probably thinks I am having an affair :slight_smile:

I have never flown any of the jets in the Sim, but the CJ4 is going to be a hoot with this.

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Aha! Right. If that company brings out a 530 version of it, I would nab that too.

Going back to your question, there is no interaction between the 750 (650 too) and the native GPS. Trust me, you won’t want to go anywhere near a 530 or 430 after using this.

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They may not be as fancy, but I still enjoy using them. :slight_smile:

What about Navigraph data?

I run Navigraph on separate monitors and don’t use the inbuilt charts within the unit. American charts are all there, but not elsewhere. Works like a charm for me. It is like Christmas every day.

I use the Charts app also, on an iPad, but I was thinking more the nav data itself, rather than using the MSFS default nav data. How does this software access that? I guess if you have it installed, and the sim is using it, that’s all that’s needed? Or does it need access itself?

It doesn’t, but in some fairly heavy testing, I havemt had a single issue. Now, when running the Trainer based software in FSX with the old F1 GTN, there were some incompatibilities within the databases, but here, I haven’t come across one thing at all that has given rise to any issues. The Garmin Trainer does get updated fairly often and is always recent.

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Can it use flight plans created by the MSFS internal (World Map) flight planner. I understand you can make plans within the GTN plus import plans in .gfp format. But can I directly import the flight plan I made using the World map or at least import saved .pln files?

I suspect not, and they are entirely separate things. My concern is the disconnect between the AIRAC cycle of the sim, and what comes with the Garmin trainer. Yes, in theory I could use Navigraph to download an older AIRAC cycle to match what the trainer comes with, so when I communicate with ATC, I would be sure I am working with the same nav data.

This seems like an almost perfect solution, except for the nav data aspect.

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Argh, thanks, I understand. But isn’t this a considerable downside of the concept?

Potentially yes, if you want to interact with default ATC in any way. Outside of that, it could cause issues if airports have been decommissioned, and one or the other database is not up to date. With Navigraph installed, you may have seen those ghost airports where there is just a runway, but no taxiways. It exists in Navigraph, but not in the sim, so the sim dutifully creates the runway for you. But that’s it.