New to Simbrief - Question around setup

Hey Folks!

Quick question - I only recently started to delve into Simbrief / Navigraph as well as learning about how to properly fly the A310 from a more realistic perspective (going from cold to departure, etc.)

I currently have a routine in place when setting up Simbrief & FS2020 - and I just wanted to double check with more experienced simmers if I’m doing this correctly:

  • Basically I start planning my flight via Simbrief
  • I then export it into Navigraph Charts
  • In Navigraph Charts I manually add the approach according to the Simbrief plan (I noticed that whenever I import into Navigraph, the approach is usually not imported)
  • I then export Navigraph Charts into a FS2020 format
  • I then import that file in the Flight Simulator

---- Here is where it gets confusing to me ----

After importing the navigraph file into FS2020, I usually manually add the departure gate by changing the departure on the map (otherwise if I don’t do this, it defaults to me starting on the runway)

I usually also mess around with the FS2020 fuel and weight settings in the menu here before starting the flight, but I’m unsure whether I should / need to because for the A310 I know that I can also update fuel & cargo directly from within the cockpit.

This also confuses me slightly as there are very specific fuel and weight requirements in Simbrief for my flight - so I’m not sure whether I should set those according to Simbrief via the FS2020 menu or in-game directly.

I once also tried to set the fuel settings to 0 in the FS2020 menu so that I would need to fuel in-game but I don’t think this ever worked.

Could someone provide some guidance here please?

If you are using the A310 there is no need for you to import the flight plan in MSFS. Just go to the FMC/MCDU and import the simbrief flight plan directly from there (go to ACARS and import simbrief). Same thing goes for fuel and payload: use the A310 tablet and insert the figures in order to match the simbrief values. Don’t mess around with MSFS flight plan or weight and balance menu…no need ro do it


Thank you - I’ll try that once I get home.
I think last time I tried to import my Simbrief from the MCDU - I wasn’t sure if it worked because it never gave me any sort of confirmation.

I’ll double check tonight though.

I’m guessing the same would be true for PMDG & Fenix planes

In the FENIX you import via the tablet and will populate the flight plan in the MCDU (you still have to add SID, STARS and approach). For the PMDG unfortunately you need to wait for the EFB to be released (hopefully they will release this/next week). For now you have to insert the route manually in the FMC or export the flight plan from simbrief to the PMDG.rte format and copy the file in the dedicated flightplan PMDG folder so that you can load it from the FMC. Honestly I do it manually. Anyway there are plenty of “how to video” on youtube…you might want to check those out

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And the „hard way“. Add the Fltpln manually in the FMS. It’s not necessary when you want to import it, but you learn how the FMS is working and how to use it. It could get important when you changing something inflight. Had it at the beginning and it confused me so much, that I started to do everything on my own.
For sure, you need a few minutes, but when you start cold and dark, you have that time.
Actually i need just a few minutes on the A320 and the 737 to input the whole stuff including performance and I’m finished long before the alignment of the ADIRUs.

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yea I noticed that myself from when I started learning about how to use the MCDU and doing all pre-flight checks - once you get the hang of it, it all goes quite quickly.

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