New Update new Bugs ! All over the World Peaks ! Whats going wrong with Asobo?

Whats going wrong with you Asobo ?!?!?
With every new Update you destroy the Sim more and more !!!
Why all over the World are now this Peaks ?

the forums search function is still present :wink:

so… you should better close this double post and spend your Vote at the big existing thread :wink:

Pffft be happy you are at least able to play the sim…after todays update, I cant get past New Activites screen…frkkn ridiculous

Unacceptable. We need an hotfix ASAP.
Please folks flood ZD with reports.
This time I may really trash the sim for good.

you read my post ? … 4 Votes here in meanwhile, which are missing on the other thread - which was the already existing thread for this topic.

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Also near LIRQ

Ok voted there as well.

this one is the newer post :wink:

Besides voting here in the forums please send reports and pictures to Zendesk.
MS and Covid are ruining my Christmas.

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19 min ago


13hours ago

but so worst it isn’t :wink:

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yes,the one were you post the link is older,i open this…
so this is new

It’s obvious that asobo do not test their updates…or just shrug their shoulders and say “that’ll do”

Open already an Zendesk Ticket .

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There are never enought testers to check the whole world !..

I flew some hours in meanwhile, and not seen that spikes / peaks.

Thus, please don’t start such a general finger pointing discussion here in the issues category :slight_smile:

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The Problem is all over the World !!!
This is no Fingerpointing , but allways when an new Update comes out somthings going wrong !!!
Its not the First time .

  • there exist already a thread for which you again open a new one
    – the creation of these double post caused again lots of not usefull posts which a moderator have to sort out
  • this spikes/peaks are not a end-of-the-world-bug for which a discussion about fingerpointing is it worth !
  • unproductive discussions about fingerpointing can you do within the #community:general-discussion-feedback categories

Please continue in the appropriate bug thread: