New update: World Update VI:Germany, Austria and Switzerland

What did the update do? Any notes on this anywhere?


New POIs or upgrade of the existing ones?

The summary for the update of EDDS (Stuttgart):

  • ILS frequencies are still missing from the VFR map
  • need to enter ILS freq manually into the fmcu still
  • approach rwy 25 better but still not fully fixed: centerline of runway 25 is met but the touch down point (ILS) is even before the runway so you have to cancel the AP at least 5 miles (2500 ft) before the runway
  • approach rwy 07 better but still not fully fixed: centerline of runway 25 is met but the touch down point (ILS) is way too late, the PAPI lights show all white even when near the threshold already
    As both touch-down points are “misplaced” in the same direction (westward) could this mean that just the runway coordinates are wrong and the whole runway is off for around 1/4 mile or so?

One more issue: don’t know if the ILS frequency for the rwy 07 is correct: in the internet you can find both 110.9MHz and 109.5MHz. ILS in the stock A320Neo seems to work with 109.MHz (you have to enter it manually) but the frequency still seems strange “109.5” as compared to “110.9” especially as the frequency for the rwy 25 (opposite direction) is 109.9MHz :thinking:

… and one more: there is still ILS equipment/antenna? directly on the beginning of rwy 07. You can taxy around it but it does not belong there :sob:

Update II: did a great flight from Stuttgart to Paris Orly :+1::relaxed:… and made it nearly to the taxiway exit at Orly… CTD :sob:

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Mine did once had to control alt delete and end SIM worked ok after that

Hi folks,

I haven’t had the sim in use since a few days, and now I’ve got an 3.3 Gig update for Germany,Swiss etc.

Anybody knows what’s going on here, did I miss something?

As far as I know, everyone who had that World Update installed got the upgrade.

Thats fine, and what is in the update? Because I can’t find any release notes for it.

Same update came up today on Xbox.

There should be more communication on what these updates are. Sorta odd that we have to guess!


I haven’t had any?

I think with this update they modeled the physical properties of water in Lake Constance from the surface all the way to the bottom - in preparation for the upcoming Scuba Diving Simulator (MSSDS)


Maybe they had difficulties adding the still missing Stuttgart airport (EDDS) and City “TV” towers so they were looking for anotger challenge? :thinking::grin:

Why isn’t there an official statement of this update? this kind of thing only creates confusion.

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my guess: this was today’s city update.
…when i downloaded the city update today it seemed like it was just flipping a switch, it didn’t seem to download anything and the content was already there,

What? Surely you must be joking. No wonder this has become a CTD fest with all this unnecessary bull.

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Yes, I was joking (can‘t help it sometimes).
No Suba Diving Sim anytime soon, I‘m afraid…

Mistery solved. The update of this topic, it’s related with the surprise announced today at Gamescom. A collection of five new photogrammetry cities from Germany: Hanover, Dortmund, Dusseldorf, Bonn, and Cologne. CU1 is available now for free from the in-sim Marketplace.
I have already done this update in Marketplace today, but in fact it’s only 3kb, only to activate the previous update already done.

Check the link below about this and other news announced today at Gamescom.
[BLOG] August 25, 2022 Development Update - Community / News and Announcements - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

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Thank God for that, would been expecting flooding mask and cracked glass bugs continuously.

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